Move over Graphite… This Company is making Recycled Coffee Pencil Leads that write and smell great

People are much more productive on coffee, they say. A single cup can get you working with more energy and focus, but one company is making your cup of coffee a little more productive than you think. While the coffee you drink enriches your mind, the coffee grounds you throw away after the brewing process can apparently be bound into pencil leads, letting you literally write/sketch/doodle WITH coffee! Meet GRIND Z – a pencil lead that ditches graphite for coffee, giving you an all-natural zero-waste alternative to regular pencils. The 5.6mm lead fits into any clutch pencil that accepts leads that size, allowing you to scribble, write, take notes, doodle, and sketch with coffee. Each lead is made up of recycled coffee grounds along with a combination of binding agents – and the result is an earthy brown lead that writes on paper and actually has a coffee aroma too!

Designer: Zirobio

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Coffee grounds are a major contributor to landfill waste, with millions of tons ending up in dumps each year. GRIND Z effectively diverts these grounds from an unwanted fate, giving them a new life as a creative tool. The company behind this project, Zirobio, is a biotechnology firm dedicated to developing sustainable solutions through bio-based materials. Initiated by Hailey and Miles, avid coffee drinkers, the GRIND Z was their way of seeing if this humble cup of coffee – a symbol of work, happiness, and hustle – could be channeled into something else. Something that transforms coffee waste into even more productivity.

This is a 5.6mm pencil lead containing 20% recycled coffee grounds and other components like wax and adhesives.

Coffee has been embraced by the art community already, with people using espresso and black coffee to make stained art. The liquid imparts a brown or ochre tint on paper, depending on how diluted it is – Zirobio’s idea builds on this already existing trend, transforming it from liquid to lead. One cup of coffee can generate enough grounds for up to 6 leads, Zirobio says. Each GRIND Z lead boasts a unique blend of 20% recycled coffee grounds and 80% essential binding agents like waxes and adhesives. This carefully formulated combination ensures a smooth writing experience you expect from high-quality pencil lead. But the real magic lies in the subtle, natural coffee aroma (with a hint of bitterness) that lingers with each stroke, adding a delightful sensory element to the drawing/writing process.

The lead comes in a standard 5.6mm size, ensuring compatibility with most clutch pencils – the refillable mechanical pencils commonly used by artists and designers. Zirobio even offers a sleek aluminum clutch pencil as part of their Kickstarter rewards, creating a perfect match for the eco-friendly lead. The natural brown hue of the coffee grounds eliminates the need for artificial coloring, resulting in a unique aesthetic that complements the sustainable philosophy behind the product.

Beyond its eco-friendly credentials, GRIND Z offers a captivating visual appeal. The subtle variations in the brown tones add a touch of organic charm to your artwork or sketches. This earthy aesthetic sets it apart from traditional graphite leads, allowing artists to explore a new visual language in their work. The lead can be used with a clutch pencil or even as a crayon. It supports being sharpened by a knife or a sharpener, with zero wastage (because there’s no wood being used), and if all that wasn’t impressive, the GRIND Z is naturally skin-friendly, allowing people with sensitive skin to handle it with ease.

You can grab yourself a 2-pack of GRIND Z leads (each pack contains 6 leads) for $26 and YD readers get a free custom-made coffee bean ring too. Alternatively, a $29 pledge gets you a GRIND Z 2-pack along with a compatible 5.6mm aluminum clutch pencil. If you own a coffee shop or a small studio, YD readers can also enjoy a 34% discount, getting a 10-pack of GRIND Z and 10 clutch pencils for $109, adding a sustainable highlight to your brand. Additionally, stretch goals have unlocked more free rewards with free shipping, such as art posters, coffee ground soap, and coffee ground mugs, included along with your order.

Click Here to Buy Now: $26 $34 (24% off). Hurry only a few left!