The Power-bank for the upper crust


Lately, Philips seems to be the go-to brand for power-bank concepts. Just days ago we saw an unconventionally beautiful power-bank concept for Philips. This week, we’ve got another concept from the same designers that matches the previous one in style and class. This one, titled the Power Pouch comes in a much more conventional shape. Designed to charge the phone while you use it, the power-bank is made in non-slip rubber that grips the phone tightly. The overall aesthetic of this gizmo mirrors Apple with its choice of materials and colors. It comes in a form that integrates the USB cable into it beautifully, giving it a flushed side surface. The Lightning connector, however, is celebrated by the way it “pouts” out of the power-bank. *drool!*

Designers: Holger Höhn and Evan Ma.