CUKTECH launches 3 compact Power Banks that Charge Everything from your Phone to your Laptop

It’s safe to say we’ve reached that point in our lives where power is of the utmost essence, and a tiny power bank with 3000mAh of juice just doesn’t cut it anymore. Sure, if your phone needs a battery boost, a nice MagSafe snap-on power bank works well, but here’s the scoop – only 22% of the world uses iPhones, so the idea of MagSafe doesn’t appeal to everyone. Besides, your tiny 3000mAh or 5000mAh power bank won’t charge your laptop, which rather limits its potential, doesn’t it? Well, this new crop of power banks dominating the market have the ability to charge your laptops too, along with obviously your phones, tablets, TWS earbuds, cameras, drones, and gaming consoles. A Xiaomi sub-brand CUKTECH (pronounced ‘cook’ tech) just revealed its slew of power banks that hold enough of a punch to juice even laptops and notebooks. Known for their expertise in energy solutions for EVs and gadgets, the OEM officially merged with ZMI (Xiaomi) in 2022, selling a staggering 150 million power banks to date. The company’s latest series of power banks (dubbed the CUKTECH 10, 15, and 20) are no larger than perhaps a thermos, and can output anywhere up to 140W, which lets you charge every one of your devices. The best part? They’re all flight-safe, which means you can carry them along in your cabin luggage.

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CUKTECH 10 – 10,00mAh Power Bank with 100W Output

The most compact of the lot, the CUKTECH 10 comes with an ultra-slick aluminum enclosure that houses a 10,000mAh battery on the inside. Two ports on the top let you charge two devices at the same time, and a TFT display on the front lets you know the power bank’s battery percentage, as well as the power delivery specs for both the ports – so you know what speed your devices are charging at. The CUKTECH 10 has a max output of 100W, which means it’s beefy enough to juice even your pro laptop like a MacBook Pro or even a gaming laptop like the Lenovo Legion Go. The 10,000mAh battery holds enough power to charge your laptop to 50% of its battery (enough to extend your productivity by another 7-8 hours), or alternatively, charge your phone from 0-100% twice. Intelligent PD3.0 allows the CUKTECH 10 to even automatically adjust wattage to each device, ensuring all your gadgets charge at their highest AND safest power limits. This means the power bank intuitively knows to give your laptop a 100W power boost, while giving your smartphone anywhere between 35 to 60W depending on its make. Other gadgets like a Nintendo Switch get their maximum 15W power limit.

Measuring just 5.63-inches long, the CUKTECH 10 balances size with capacity wonderfully. It’s small enough to slide into your pocket, and definitely fits comfortably into your laptop bag while carrying. The power bank itself charges at a speed of 90W, allowing you to get it up to 55% in just under 15 minutes, or 100% in roughly half an hour. That’s pretty impressive, if you ask me.

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CUKTECH 15 – 20,00mAh Power Bank with 150W Output

For people who just want a little more oomph, the CUKTECH 15 upgrades your power bank to 20,000mAh, with a 150W output. This battery upgrade lets you last a little longer without needing to plug into a power outlet. At 20,000mAh, you can practically charge your entire laptop from 0-100%, or give your phone a 4x battery boost.

The CUKTECH 15 sports the same, slick, all-metal design as its smaller counterpart (it even holds a Red Dot Design Award). A bigger battery means a larger device, but not by much. It’s still portable enough to fit right into backpacks without occupying too much space. The CUKTECH 15 comes with a smaller screen though, showing only the battery percentage of the power bank (after all, that’s the most important metric, right?), but gives you 3 ports instead of 2, letting you charge as many as three concurrent devices. That’s where the 150W magic kicks in, delivering fast-charging capabilities to all your devices in a measured manner. That means your laptop, phone, and smartwatch/earbuds get the recommended power needed to fast-charge each device. That kind of PD (or power delivery) means being able to charge your MacBook Air to 50% in under 30 minutes… or having your phone charged to 100% in the same amount of time. The CUKTECH 15 supports pass-through charging as well, and charges at 90W, which means your power bank charges just about as fast as your laptop, going to 50% in just half an hour. When all’s said and done, it slides right into your backpack, and can be carried on flights as a part of your cabin luggage.

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CUKTECH 20 – 25,00mAh Power Bank with 140W Output

Although its name probably implies it has a 20,000mAh battery, the CUKTECH actually packs a whopping 25,000mAh banger on the inside, offering the highest capacity of the three in this list. With flagship-grade specs, the power bank has the same all-metal design aesthetic that gives it the sleek demeanor, but also comes with a larger, more informative screen, and a transparent window that lets you look at the electronics inside. Talk about futuristic with a touch of cyberpunk.

Easily the coolest-looking power bank in the lineup, the CUKTECH 20 is also the most feature-packed. More than twice the amount of battery as its smallest sibling, the CUKTECH 20 is ideally for travelers who don’t spend too much time tethered to one single place. This makes carrying chargers and multiple adapters difficult, which means having a high-capacity power bank for your entire tech setup is the wisest option. The CUKTECH 20 stands at about 6.3 inches tall, making it still a fairly compact power bank that fits right into your backpack or stands on your work surface. The large battery is enough to juice a laptop as well as a smartphone from 0-100 at the same time (or charge your smaller devices multiple times over), and a combined power output of 140W allows you to fast-charge all your devices while balancing power requirements fairly well. That’s where the power bank’s large TFT screen comes in handy too, allowing you to see battery levels, power outputs, and even charge times. Three ports (one USB-A and two USB-C) let you juice three devices together, or pass-through charge two devices while your CUKTECH 20 is plugged into a power outlet. Like its predecessors, the CUKTECH 20 is flight-safe too, and comes with multiple safety protocols that protect the power bank itself as well as the devices it’s charging from overheating, short-circuiting, and a whole list of other potential issues. The power bank even ships with its own carrying pouch, and a whopping 240W USB-C cable that you can use to charge any of your devices.

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