Spring Power Forever

It’s quite the trend to look for ways to extend the life of a battery, be it a AAA, AA or even the D-size. What we have here today is the ONE=TWO – Spring Battery. The design is quite self explanatory, so my question for you today is this: is it worth extracting every ounce of juice from discarded batteries in comparison to the production of such extracting devices? What do you say…..

One = Two is a 2011 red dot design concept winning entry.

Designers: Huang Kun, Meng Xun, He Ting & Liu Yuan


  • Jimmy C says:

    Perhaps the most ingenious battery design I’ve ever seen. Get it produced! Now!

  • Zune says:

    What. The. F? Can we have some more info on this, or maybe a link? Are there battery cells inside the spring coils, or is this meant as a conductor to take the place of a depleted battery? This raises so many questions…

  • Quintin says:

    So, two button cell type batteries with a spring in between them? Seems to me that this would make for very poor power density…

    The air inside the spring does not contain any energy, a regular AA battery would contain more energy than two of these in series like the last picture…

  • Me says:

    As art or toy it look very nice 🙂

    For mass production and usage not so good.
    1. Due to spring there is unused space that could be used for energy storage
    2. Placement of battery, as it is in the picture, is not compatible… basic stuff 1.5V = 3V no go 😛

    So if u want a good battery. You need amasing material that will store the energy and ability to recharge. This way you dont need to worry about using it all the way 😛
    Now, how to recharge a battery ? Many options: heat,light,…
    When we(humans) find some amasing(“free”) way to recharge then we can also produce spring battery for extra fun 😀

  • Tim says:


    Do they even know how electricity works?

    The old saying, “Think before you speak” goes really well for other things too, like “Think before you act”, “Think before you drink” and can be equally stressed as, “Think before you ink”.

    To rephrase, I’d say it’s good to go through the details of the concept mentally to see if it makes sense before you put the effort in to present the idea. If the product is going to DO something, think about how the product will be able to do it. If you’re left contemplating special relativity, just leave the idea where you found it and move on to the next.

  • James says:

    As soon as I saw “red dot design winner” I wasn’t too hopeful. It’s lovely looking and if you’re 15, you’d just look at it and think what a great idea. But after anyone reading the first line of the project – ‘spring battery’ and going into the actual practicalities of making it a usable product, it all unravels into a useless mess. I don’t know who gives these awards out, I really don’t. I’m not sure whether yanko actually looks through designs properly before picking what to show here or just picks the ones that look cool by mac monkeys who’ve learnt how to render without learning how to design properly. Like Tim said – think before you design.

  • propa says:

    I totally agree with him.

  • Krishnanunni says:

    Sort of looks cool,but where do we store the juice?

  • Seamus Dubh says:

    Why do so many designers not understand how things ACTUALLY work.

  • Kinetic says:

    Don’t worry, there are many of us that do care how things work.

    • Hunter says:

      Oh, I’m sure that most designers care to know how things work.
      It’s seems that most of them don’t.

  • Alaor says:

    Understanding eletricity #fail.

  • Allie says:

    Let’s give credit to Yanko. After all Yanko proclaims that Yanko is all about “cool design” not practicality.
    A lot of Yanko’s items have been designed by people with great drawing or building skills and no knowledge of real world science or function. Where i live we call them artsy idiots”.
    It appears Red Dot is into cool looks too, not usefulness – but then red dot was in Shanghai which explains everything.
    So if you like a Yanko endorsed item and it doesn’t work – hang it on your wall as a decoration. These battery springs might make some attractive paper weights.

  • Jason Wang says:

    And I appreciate that appeal to aesthetics only when it’s billed as an appeal to aesthetics only. But when a design is claimed to improve a pseudo-scientific thing, it better do so.
    “Good design is honest.”
    Can we keep it this way?

  • Katie says:

    What a disgrace. Before someone attempts to design a battery, they should either take a couple minutes of their lives to google how that thing works, or stick to designing cereal boxes.

    If reality is no longer a limitation to design, here’s my entry for the next red dot design concept: Mind-Reading Shape-Shifting Robot

  • It really dissapoints me that this concept is a red dot design concept winner.. First of all it is a problem shifting and not a problem solving solution. 2nd I believe these batterys can store less energy because of the lack of volume. And 3rd they seem much more expensive and difficult to produce. 4th Why make a complex solution to suck the very last out of a battery (read, you can use the tool a little longer), when renewable energy alternatives are allready on the market for years (rechargeable battery’s which can be charged with renewable energy!) This design doesn’t make sense at all, and I don’t even know properly how batterys work.. When evaluating a concept it is interesting to see its potential to see problems in adifferent perspective, but it needs to stay feasable. The same actually goes for lets say 80 % of all the products posted on the Yanko Design blog.

  • I do want to state that Yanko still is a really inspiring blog

  • magic says:

    Another design that Runs on MAGIC.

    stupid idea and stupid developement.

    pathetic all around!

    2 thumbs down.

  • Maryline says:

    I agree with mostly everyone here, I don’t see how this could work.Cool render though

  • Kinetic says:

    Due to internal resistance, it is not a good idea to mix batteries of varying capacity. FAIL.

  • Hon says:

    i really like the idea, but i just feel that, in a way, it’s the same exact thing as putting smaller batteries in there. If the extra one u squeezed inside probably only gave it one more battery of life, while the other two are used only as bridge for the electricity to go through.

  • Aska says:

    Can anybody tell me why a battery is 90% filled with air instead of energy??

  • Robert White says:

    Designed by designers and not eingineers, you know, people who know that all that empty space means that there is no power.

    You know how both AAA and D batteries are the same length but the D batteries hold way more power than the AAAs because they are bigger?

    Yes, this spring-shaped battery, were it to be the diameter of a double-A (AA) battery, would have the power of a hearing-aid battery at best. A D-sized spring battery with these proportions would have about the power of half a tripple-A (AAA).

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