Better Respiration

According to research not many scientists and designers care about the kind of respirators they wear while working with chemicals and such materials. Their filters rarely get replaced and many users don’t even know how to replace them! KOMRAD is a respirator design that looks at solving these issues amongst a host of others. Designed to seal better, be portable and user friendly, the designer makes an interesting point with his concept. Have a look…

Designer: Tetsugaku Sasahara


  • Gonzo says:

    I think its to expensive to produce, i doubt a sprayer kid would spent 60 euros for a mask 😀 but cool design

  • Carl says:

    All spray cans should be banned, this woud remove 90% of all graffiti vandalism

  • Dennis says:

    I think Gonzo has a good point. Even though this is designed for the future, It definitely would be more expensive than existing respirators to produce. But, keep in mind that this is extremely well-designed and mitigates all of the major problems current respirators have. Gorgeous too! 🙂 Great job

  • ALim says:

    Beautiful! Awesome work!

  • kenpjy says:

    very good! every gear must has beautiful design like yours!

  • Hypnotik says:

    well, graffiti is a form of art… except for some..

  • Hypnotik says:

    well, graffiti is a form of art… except for some..
    btw, cool design.
    i would love to own one! great job!!

  • cra says:

    How do you stop it slipping down your face? The strap looks as though it would only hold it horizontally against your jaw. You dont want to rely on your nose to hold it up, that gets very uncomfortable after a day in it. And I would not put any lights on the front where it is likely to affect how you see your paint finish, You will notice that pro spray booths are super well lit with one colour of light.. On the side or back would be better for an indicator light.

    But nice project.

  • tetsugaku says:

    Sorry I can understand that it’s quite difficult to understand with these pages because the text is quite small. But this respirator uses GECKEL technology that safely adheres onto your face. It’s reusable, safe, self-cleaning, strong, comfortable, and waterproof as well.

    The indicator light is not always on. Only when the filters start to run out it’ll alert you early and it’ll blink once with a beep. It’ll continue to blink and beep every ten minutes until the filters are fully exhausted. When the filter is fully exhausted, that’s when the red light comes on and stays on to alert the user that he/she is not being protected.

    If you want to know more, please visit my website or contact me.

  • ioio says:

    Graffiti makers should use a brush and water colours 😛 this would solve both problems expensive masks and annoying graffitis on house’s walls. goddamn graffiti junkies

  • Steve says:

    This is one of the most well thought out concepts that I have seen on this site. Your research and attention to detail shows. Excellent job!

  • James says:

    Decent little college project this. You can see the clear influences from the fairly similar gas masks in Batman as well as numerous other sci-fi films, programmes and computer games. Probably not wise to encourage graffiti but that’s another issue altogether. Perhaps it could be marketed in any future campaigns more towards builders and industrial painters, but then again they just use dust masks which do pretty much exactly the same thing but are far less expensive. Not exactly an original concept or design but still interesting nonetheless and some great renders!

  • JSook says:

    actually dustmasks only protect against particles, not chemical fumes in paints so they don’t protect against the same stuff. excellent work here

  • anon says:

    “no one, not even scientist know when the filter runs out”

    I was always taught that when you smelled fumes, the filter was done… seemed pretty simple. Smelling fumes also indicates a failure on the seal. Not sure it needs the battery/light.

    Great sketches/research, but the #1 important thing for a face mask is that it’s comfortable, make some mock-ups!

  • tetsugaku says:

    Anon you do have a point. I have heard from quite a few people through my research about telling when filters run out via smelling of fumes. But it is not 100%. Every environment is different, with different chemicals, sizes of rooms, number of people working, etc.

    Usually in professional circumstances (e.g. body shops), they have filter replacement cycles where they have a set schedule for replacing filters. For independent artists and designers, it is impossible. Scientists need to come in and test the environment with expensive instruments.

    Although comfort plays a huge role with respirators (I agree with that) protection is is by far the most important. I actually made many many mockups for this.

  • JenIto says:

    it’s clearly stated in his research that the target audience is independent artists. this ia a house painter. what’s the point of this image. Great in-depth research and beautiful forms.

  • anon says:

    I took another (closer) look and saw the mock-ups, my mistake- I’m glad you took the time to make these.

    The only reason I say comfort is most important is- (and this is even more true for the artist/designers) if it’s not comfortable, it won’t be worn, so it’s irrelevant how effective it is.

    I don’t know about you, but I would often just hold my breath and duck into the spray booth to touch up a model quickly b/c my respirator was too annoying to deal with.

    Either way, the point is to keep fumes out of the lungs, I think we can agree on that. 😉

  • tetsugaku says:

    Anon I cannot agree with you more. I do the exact same thing. Even when I’m in the paint booth or composite room filled with super hazardous particles and fumes for hours on end, I never wear my mask. I know, terrible.

    That is what motivated me to design this respirator in the first place 🙂 Thank you for your comments

  • Senor Miguel says:

    I like this! E!

  • Grey says:

    Why not just ban all paint? Or stop all manufactures from creating any type of colour of paint besides white? Intolerant.

    Great design, but i have to agree with Gonzo.

  • Rawwhale says:

    Street art has been the dominant form of art for the past decade, financially and culturally, are there really people who are still against it?

    It doesn’t hurt you at all, it makes your life more beautiful. Corporations are quickly filling up every blank surface in our lives with ads, isn’t it nice to see someone expressing themselves with gorgeous personal statements for no personal gain (and lots of risk) just to make you smile on your way to work?

  • Alvin says:

    I love the way you present your work! Neat & informative! Good work & keep it up!

  • LaRemnant says:

    Look in the Materials and Technology section above. Read the bottom description of the Geckel material. It will basically comfortably ‘stick’ to your face. Pretty cool and quite innovative!

  • James Martindale says:

    Just like banning cars would save the lives of 89 people every day in the US.

    haha no.

  • Nick Arnold says:

    If you have to wear a half face mask 6 hrs a day. Then after it meets safety standards, only comfort matters. Most people using half face masks are not using them to make art, if you can significantly improve the quality of their work life and improve safety as well. You will find a market.

  • LaRemnant says:


    Why hasn’t anyone invested in getting these made yet? They’re SO innovative, even though it’s a small market group, the design is VERY well thought out and quite inspiring, actually! This is something I could see James Bond using on one of his missions. 😉 I would pay for one and I don’t need it. I would keep it as a ‘just in case’ scenario.

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