Pet getting scared of 4th July fireworks? These quirky yet effective Dog Headphones with ANC can help

Fourth of July can be a really fun time for the entire country, but a very stressful time for pet parents who have to deal with the extreme anxiety that dogs feel around those loud bangs and other noises. Dogs are highly sensitive to sound, so any loud noises, be it the pop of a firework or even the bang of a thunderstorm, can cause them high amounts of stress. Kirsten Brand nearly lost her dog Emma when a firework show on the 4th of July caused the pet to get so scared that she ran away from home. “After what seemed like hours, we found my furbaby, Emma, down the street. Thankfully, she had been taken into a garage by a neighbor, to ride out the rest of the firework show,” Kirsten mentioned.

That prompted her to design the Pawnix, a pet ‘helmet’ that covers their ears to dampen loud noises, while also playing calming and soothing sounds via Bluetooth. Sort of like ANC Headphones but for dogs, the Pawnix keeps your pets calm with relaxing audio, while also wrapping around their head to make them feel a sense of physical security and comfort.

Designer: Pawnix

Improved over various iterations, the Pawnix now comes with a foam-padded neoprene design, similar to the laptop sleeves you usually see people carry their MacBooks in. The helmet, shaped to look almost like a bonnet for your pet, wraps around the dog’s head, with pockets for the ears to fit in. The design works equally well for dogs with all kinds of ears, whether they’re erect, semi-erect, or hanging down. 4-way stretch Anti-microbial fabric with durable stitching means the Pawnix can go without being washed, and can definitely endure your dog trying to scratch at it or take it off.

On the inside, a set of audio drivers with active noise canceling and Bluetooth 5.0 let your dog listen to calming soundscapes instead of loud noises. Pop the headphones on, and you can connect your phone to the Pawnix via Bluetooth, choosing from a variety of calming sounds (you can actually find dog-calming tracks on YouTube). Alternatively, just the Pawnix itself should be able to drown out less intense noises like a dinner party with loud music. The Pawnix comes in 4 colors, and 4 sizes too, although there’s also an option to custom-make a Pawnix for even larger dogs.