The Heat Coil Knows Best

The Spiral Burner is quite a nifty design that reminds me of mosquito coils that we get here in India! The plot behind this design to have a burner that saves fuel when using small utensils, conversely increase fuel efficiency when using big pots. The knobs are simple and the burner boasts clean lines, I think I’m already in love with it! Oh my!

Designer: Alireza Alavi


  • Jimmy C says:

    But how do adjust the actual heat?

  • Zune says:

    A good idea, but I think fluid dynamics might get in the way. Can the designer show the mechanism that controls the gas output?

  • Me says:

    Hmm nice design, at least it look nice 😀
    Fluid dynamics ? Where u see fluid? gas? Dont see problem there.

    What i woder is, how to clean this thing ? 😛
    Have enough problems with regular circle…

    Make it for production and will be millions in your pocket 😀

  • Kevin says:

    This is really cool. Would make for a great project if I was still a mechanical engineering student 🙂

  • Seamus Dubh says:

    Fluid dynamics is the branch of physics that applies to both liquids and gasses. It also applies to Plasma (the ionized gas not the blood component).

  • Teto says:

    it’s a great idea, but, how can it work? can u show something more??

  • Quintin says:

    Interesting. Wouldn’t it be easier to make something like this out of a few concentric circles? Then you could manage the gas flow to each circle, instead of having to open/close every hole in the spiral…

  • Maryline says:

    I like it. But isn’t it the reason why there are currently burners of different sizes on a stove?
    I guess it will give you more flexibility (I hate using the back burners).
    It will be interesting to see the mechanics

  • Aborg says:

    Well, the problem is that gas behaves as a fluid when it comes to how physics views it. So, fluid mechanics would mean that if it’s improperly designed, the gas wouldn’t be able to reach the farthest part of the spiral (or at least that’s what I gather from my basic understanding of physics)

  • Ghaffari says:

    its nice
    i want to know more details about it and did you manufactured it and the price of that

  • fateme says:

    kheili khub bud..alie..:-)

  • Alireza Alavi says:

    Thank you all, for the comments, at the moment I am still working on the magnetic mechanism of the gas output controllers in the Spiral Tube.

  • austin says:

    This is a great idea but how do you adjust the jet size and air mixture?

  • TOFU says:

    what exactly did you solve? every feature here you mentioned are already on current gas stove tops. Only thing you did was make it a spiral, which is subjectively pleasing at best.

    The usability of this is actually more complicated than current gas stove tops which only have ONE knob to turn not two!

    Also heat distribution is worse than current stoves, so is the cleanability of this, that spiral center is basically a grease trap!

    There is not improvement on anything that current stove tops do not offer, or please tell me otherwise.

    Every time I come to Yanko and see these ass backwards solutions really p’s me off. Novelty is NOT design, anybody can come up with a gimmick, designers exist to solve problems, you so called designers need to get that through your head.

  • protorob says:

    Yes, i was tthinking in this solution since more tha 5 years but i’ve been allways stucked with the dynamics of the gas tsraveling throught the fixture.
    I have to say that as an industrial designer my knowledge on fluids dinamics is not ass good as an engeneer could have.

  • iliana says:

    I totally I agree, besides thanks to this “solution” the pot will not be heated evenly and the food would be burnt on one side.

  • milad says:

    it is a great idea and i like this new design. in case you have started to produce it , i will be thankful to know more about the base price of it also the bigger sizes that can be produce by the same mechanism or not.

  • Groovy says:

    Quentin nailed it. Use concentric circles to select burner size, it would be a much simpler selection mechanism. The spiral is terrible.

  • Phil says:

    A series of concentric circles will need a way to open & close each circle. Not a serious problem, just needing a custom valve capable of opening individual exits, each exit needing to remain open as more are opened. But that’s a totally different design project. This spiral burner is more interesting as a technical challenge, because normally a burner tube is an ‘all or nothing’ kind of thing. A magnetic controlling mechanism was mentioned by the author, so I am imagining a series of gates inside of the spiral that block gas flow when closed. But I don’t like the idea of adding lots of small moving parts to a device that will get all kinds of environmental stresses such as thermal cycling, rust & grease. Just treat the spiral as a linear burner tube that has been bent into a compact form. How would a linear burner tube be controlled for length used? A very important problem will be that as you open up more of the spiral, you will need to also increase gas flow at the same time or the first set of jet openings will suddenly not have enough gas to stay lit. So maybe the lower adjusting dial should also control a pressure regulator or an adjustable main jet as a compensating device? If you’re going to create a complicated burner, then what about this alternative: A set of burner tubes that are shaped in an arc, radiating outwards from a common center, each arm will pivot at it’s inner end and the overall diameter from the outer ends can be controlled by a cam plate that is gear-driven from a front-panel mounted knob? That way, you do not need to worry about changing the flow rate as you adjust the burner size because all of the jets will be operating at all times when that burner is lit.

  • Sky says:

    have you ever cooked or just eaten? 😀

  • Sky says:

    have you ever cooked or just eaten? 😀

  • Pol says:

    It’s a nice idea, I like it 🙂

  • Mehdi Hajirezaei says:

    I need your help. I Can product electronic parts .So
    I need some information for start concentric circles and i think it’s not problem. Please help me and send file for this teknologi.

  • thank u to share me spiral burner cooking presentation.

  • Katie says:

    very cool concept. hope this goes into fabrication some day. my biggest pet peeve about gas burners is uneven heat distribution for larger pots and pans. 🙂

  • mahdi faravan says:

    very goooooooooooooood ali

  • Mali says:

    need to look at the distribution of heat. just might have a pleasant image.

  • Garry says:

    cool! thanks for sharing.

  • Alireza Asasi says:

    very gooood

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