This genius LEGO Card Shuffler can automatically shuffle any deck of cards

The most annoying part of any card game is obviously the shuffling (unless you’re good at it). It seems like a laborious activity that almost always causes one or two stray cards to fly out and fall on the floor… and even after shuffling your cards, someone is bound to tell you that you did a terrible job because they got a dealt a bad hand. I’ve ruined many a deck shuffling cards that eventually got bent out of shape, and I’ve always thought of what life would be like if I had a machine that shuffled my cards for me. Turns out, Pedro Lara went and built himself one instead of buying it online. The LEGO Ornate Card Shuffler is a pretty nifty-looking functional shuffler that uses a combination of gears to accurately shuffle a deck with surprising consistency.

Designer: Pedro Lara

Although Lara doesn’t specify how many bricks were used to build the card shuffler, it’s worth admiring how the overall contraption is both functional and classy. The word ornate isn’t thrown in for nothing – the ‘black box’ has a variety of golden trims that add an aesthetic touch to the contraption. Two chambers on the left and right hold both halves of the deck, and once the shuffler gets to work, the cards are shuffled into a central deck, which can be pulled out thanks to a removable drawer.

The card shuffler utilizes LEGO Technic gears that connect both left and right chambers. The uppermost cards are pulled using friction from rubber tires. For people familiar with card games, the machine uses a variation of what’s called the Riffle Shuffle, which alternates the cards from the left and right, breaking any patterns within the existing deck. While Lara’s original design works with a LEGO electric motor, it can also be operated manually with a lever. The gear mechanism provides significant leverage, making manual shuffling a fun and efficient option.

A close look at the gear system under the hood of the LEGO Ornate Shuffler

Pedro Lara’s self-made design or MOC (My Own Creation) can be found on the LEGO Ideas Forum, an online dashboard where LEGO enthusiasts upload their own zany designs and have the community vote for their favorite creations. With just under 2000 votes, Lara’s design seems to be picking up traction and has even received a Staff Pick recommendation from the LEGO team. You can cast your vote for the LEGO Ornate Card Shuffler on the LEGO Ideas forum, and if it reaches the coveted 10,000 vote mark, it might just turn into an available retail box set!

The removable drawer that collects the cards after they’re shuffled.