Sight And Sound Satisfaction

A bulb that somehow manages to include a speaker as well, does this sound farfetched to you? Does to me, but considering the possibilities available to us in the future, maybe we will have something like this in our living rooms and pubs. Wireless speakers are there as are light bulbs, so you basically put them together in a rather sophisticated way, citing technological advances as your friend.

It will be amusing to see homes screwing on the SoundBulb. Wireless speakers streaming music all over the place with the shimmy of disco lights; sounds eccentric! Apparently the parts of the SoundBulb are replaceable and can be upgraded from time to time. My only concern with this design is the heat factor, after all bulbs do produce a lot of heat and could be damaging to the speakers.

Designers: Hoang M Nguyen, Poom Puttorngul & Anh Nguyen