Beautiful amorphous chair is also a side table, bookcase, and art object in one

Chairs are always a necessity in any living space, but that doesn’t mean they’re always in use. In fact, some chairs have become makeshift shelves for holding stuff either because the owner has run out of space for an actual shelf or because that chair has sat unused for months. While that’s a practical solution for an underutilized piece of furniture, it’s also unaesthetic, messy, and inefficient. If only you could have a chair that is also a shelf or table when it’s not in use. That’s precisely the multi-functional design that this rather distinctive chair has to offer, and it looks like a stunning art design object as well, no matter which way you use it.

Designer: Mavimatt

Multifunctional furniture often involves moving or modular parts, requiring some action that can be cumbersome to undertake. Given human nature, owners are less likely to take advantage of these features, so a chair or table remains as they are throughout their lifetime. Metamorfosi, in contrast, is just a single piece with no moving or removable parts. It’s a single, hollow shape that simply looks like the outline of a splat or puddle from the side, but this seemingly random shape is actually what gives the chair its three functions.

It is, of course, first and foremost a chair, though one that seems to be more of an artistic interpretation of a chair. There’s room for only a single person, and the absence of armrests might make it feel less secure and comfortable. Despite its appearance, however, it’s still a table seat, and its creative design lets you lean back with confidence, knowing that it won’t flip over on its own.

If you do flip it over, it transforms into a low side table, one with a larger flat area in front and a smaller space on its back. It definitely boggles the mind how a chair with plenty of curves on its body in one moment can become a stable table the next. And if you flip it again, it becomes a makeshift bookcase whose corners prevent the books from sliding off.

The Metamorfosi, however, has a fourth function: enhancing the ambiance of a space with its unique beauty. These handmade chairs have a certain charm to them with their dynamic shapes and glossy hues. They’re as much a work of art as they are multi-purpose pieces of furniture, shattering expectations that multifunctional furniture needs to look technical and complex.