Custom-built inside out, ModRetro Chromatic is the ultimate tribute to the Gameboy

Gameboy was a cultural icon in the 1990s when I was growing up. Almost every video game enthusiast in my close circle had his handheld from Nintendo, which meant that before being discontinued from production in 2003, it was arguably the best-selling console ever made. Since, then there have been many iterations of the popular handheld console trying to revive the lost era of portable gaming, but none has been as identical as what Palmer Luckey’s ModRetro may have achieved with the Chromatic.

Combining nostalgic charm with modern tech, the ModRetro Chromatic inherits the Gameboy DNA to give enthusiasts the most realistic experience of the classic handheld console in the blood and body of the new-age device. It’s a result of seventeen years of endeavor to make the ultimate device to play Gameboy games as they were played on the original console.

Designer: ModRetro

According to Luckey, the Chromatic is his best tribute to the Gameboy. Designed and constructed to be the most “authentic, highest quality” device to mimic Gameboy, Chromatic is an heirloom quality piece of retro-futuristic art “that would last for generations.” To that accord, this cartridge-playing Nintendo Gameboy will retail for $199 and can be pre-ordered now at ModRetro.

Compatible with Gameboy and Gameboy library, the Chromatic is 100 percent custom-made. It has a one-to-one LCD with an identical pixel structure to the original Gameboy. To maintain authenticity and closeness to the real, the device alongside its Gameboy-like 160×144 pixel backlit display features a similar layout, resolution, and size. Its sapphire screen is scratch-resistant and it is housed within a magnesium-aluminum alloy molded shell topped with durable PBT buttons and D-pad.

ModRetro Chromatic measures 5.2x3x1.2 inches, and weighs feather light at 6.2 oz. For connectivity, the device has been provided with a USB port and 3.5mm headphone output, and to celebrate its launch, it will come preinstalled with good old Tetris, free of charge. The custom-designed lithium-ion battery, rechargeable through console, provides the Chromatic 24-hour battery life, which can be enhanced on the move with 3x AA batteries.