Dyson’s most powerful robot vacuum has six times better suction to deep clean across all floor types

After lackluster response for the Dyson 360 Eye robovac in the US market, Dyson is back with an improved version that’s better suited for American homes. This comes after seven years of development and it also purifies the indoor air, which is a good perk.

The robotic vacuum cleaner launched initially in Australia will land in the US later this year for roughly $1,600. Dubbed 360 Vis Nav, the home appliance gets its name from the intelligent 360-degree vision system that’s aided by the next-generation processor.

Designer: Dyson

The UK company claims the robovac has six times the suction power when stacked against a previous Dyson vacuum cleaner. On the hind side, however, it lacks elusive features, self-emptying for instance. With this level of suction, the 360 Vis Nav ensures a thorough cleaning, leaving no dirt or debris behind.

Powered by a motor delivering blistering speeds, the 360 Vis Nav is significantly faster at an impressive 110,000 RPM, which is well above the 78,000 RPM its predecessor clocked. Further, Dyson takes versatility to a new level with the 360 Vis Nav, wherein it introduces the triple-action brush bar, which allows the robovac to adapt its cleaning approach according to different surfaces.

This intelligent design permits soft nylon bristles for hard floors, nylon bristles for carpets, and carbon fiber filaments for finer dust. Interestingly, the new Dyson robot vacuum cleaner comes with LEDs surrounding its lens that help improve its visibility to spot landmarks in dark areas. It ensures the dust can hide from this astute cleaner!

Alongside venturing under chairs and around furniture with ease, the 360 Vis Nav is also equipped with 26 sensors, allowing the intelligent robot vacuum to detect and navigates seamlessly around objects. With a runtime of 50 minutes, the 360 Vis Nav offers a quick cleaning session before automatically returning to its dock for recharging and returning back (after recharge) to start from where it left.