Piece of Cake Traffic Cones


Setting up traditional traffic warning cones at a roadwork site takes a long time because the cones are heavy and cumbersome. Warning Cone offers much greater convenience to construction workers. A set of Warning Cones can be expanded (unfolded) easily by pulling out the extendable base. After use, the ‘cones’ can be compressed and placed back in the storage box, saving both time and space.

Designer: Asia University




  • Stephen Russell says:

    awesome, for all cities worldwide, mass produce, be huge hit for CA alone esp So CA USA

  • Slugsie says:

    1. Setting up cones at construction sites takes minutes. It’s really really simple.
    2. Cones are heavy(ish) for a reason. Probably a good idea to actually understand why cones are currently made the way they are before you try to ‘fix’ them.
    3. Cones can be placed with any spacing you want. This appears to have a fixed spacing. Not very useful.
    4. Someone has an accident and drives over a cone, you might break the cone and have to replace that cone. Someone drives over this, looks like you probably have to replace the lot.
    5. Current cones can be mass produced with ridiculous ease, they’re usually just two blow moulded parts. I bet these will be a lot harder to make, thus a lot more expensive.

  • Emma Effers says:

    Doesn’t really explain the logistics of how the conveyor belt works when taking out and putting in. And wouldn’t drivers coming up on the cones not really see them because there practically invisible on the side with the gaping hole.

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