This functional tiny camping trailer from the ’80s can be hauled by cars as small as the Mini

Once upon a time, there was a company called Island Plastics, not many of us have heard of and chances are not many would hear about it after this either. But one person/family can take home an available footprint of this company, its standard trailer camper available for grabs in the US. Reportedly, only 200 of these campers called Romini were ever built between 1985 and 1990 and are unfortunately out of production now.

The little camper, made from fiberglass panels sandwiching foam in between for insulation, is laid out with a bed and features requisite gear inside for a good time on the road. Owing to its petit size, 9.8-foot long and gross weight of 750kgs, the little camper is designed to be hauled by cars as small as the original Mini, making it the ultimate companion for tiny camping.

Designer: The Autopian

Through the years, the American trailer market has flourished with hefty options, then the tide shifted toward teardrops and those willing to trail these little ones for a short trip on the road would love to check out the Romini. The interior of the camper is pretty similar to the Romahome C15 micro motorhome but the layout is different.

Romini has a sleeping arrangement that’s across the interior instead of in length, which is the norm. The seating arrangement by the day here can transform into a double bed for the residents. The bed is only 6 feet across, so if you’re taller, you may have to pass this trailer. Otherwise, look on for the other features and you will be awestruck how all that is really stuffed in this small form factor.

A Romini back in the day came fully equipped with a kitchenette featuring sink, stove, fridge, and storage. The dinette cum bedroom had a skylight above, while a chemical toilet stowed away from sight. The camper was even provided with an awning for sitting outside in the shade. The one for sale is a standard model from ’85, so the features are limited to seating, bed, and kitchen essentials including a grill and a porta potti under the seating.