The AirTag that Apple should have built: Nomad’s GPS tracking card comes with ‘Find My’ support

It’s the size of a credit card, fits in your wallet, works with Apple’s Find My network, and most importantly, charges wirelessly so you don’t need to worry about batteries or ditching the entire device altogether after a year of use. Meet the Nomad Tracking Card, a slick tracking device that makes you wonder why Apple made something as bulky as the AirTag. At just 2mm thin, it’s about as thick as 2 credit cards together, making it discreet enough to slip in anywhere, whether it’s your wallet, your backpack, or even your jacket pocket, giving you the ability to track your belongings through Apple’s global device tracking network.

Designer: Nomad

Anyone who knows me knows how much I think the AirTag needs a redesign. Apple made the tracking device back in 2019 to be used with bags and keys, but didn’t think of the potential of having a card-shaped tracker for your wallet and pockets. It’s been 5 years since the AirTag made its first appearance and rumors about an AirTag 2.0 are so few and far apart, it’s almost as if Apple’s left it up to third party creators to make better trackers that work with its devices.

That’s where Nomad’s Tracking Card comes in. It’s slim, compact, and manages to fit an impressive amount of tech inside its design. The card sports a polycarbonate body, known for its toughness and impact resistance, and comes with a GPS tracker, an NFC for pairing, a battery that runs for 5 months on a full charge, and a MagSafe-compatible wireless charging coil that lets you charge your card when its battery runs out. A graphic on the card tells you where the wireless coil is located, so you can simply attach the Tracking Card onto a MagSafe charger or place it on a wireless charging mat and it begins recharging. No replaceable batteries, no single-use design, no wastage.

Nomad’s website doesn’t mention the presence of a built-in speaker like you would have with the AirTag. Useful for being able to ‘hear’ where your tracking device is, or for alerting you if stolen or left behind, the speaker can be quite a nifty feature. The Tracking Card is, however, IPX7 water and dust-proof, and starts at $40.