Floor lamp concept is inspired by the sun and moon ecliptical orbit

As I live in a not so big space, I only need to have desk lamps in my living room and bedroom for both ambient and functional lighting. But one of my dreams if I eventually get a bigger place is that I can put one or two floor lamps around to add to the aesthetics of my apartment. I like looking at interesting designs for lamps and bookmarking them for future reference, especially ones where much thought is put into a design.

Designer: Sancho Martin

The Eclipse Floor Lamp is a concept that was inspired by the idea of the eclipse where the sun or moon crosses each other’s paths. This time around, the sun and moon are represented by two circular screens that emit a “soft and enveloping atmosphere” when they are aligned and the light bounces between them. This is the perfect ambient lighting for when you want the floor lamp to be part of your room’s aesthetics.

When the horizontal screen is adjusted, you can turn the lamp into a more functional lighting source. The light is directed downwards so you can have it more focused like when you’re working, reading, or you just need some light to see something. There is also a spherical shape on a small hook in the main axis which serves as the power button which is easy to access and also intuitively placed.

The Eclipse Floor Lamp has a pretty minimalist design so it can fit in perfectly no matter what your room’s aesthetics is. It can be placed near the couch, working table, or even by the door or window if you just want it to be more of an ambient lamp rather than a fully functional one.