Endgame Invisible PC desk is the ultimate gaming machine hiding in a secret hatch under the tabletop

Having powerful desk setups can be exciting but all the wire clutter and visual chaos can overshadow the buzz. Matthew Perks is one DIYer who is keen enough to design unique rigs that are highly functional and instantly pique the interest of a geek like me. The respected YouTuber has created some impressive projects in the past including his first attempt at an invisible desk PC.

Now, he’s more mature and experienced to create an endgame PC desk that will blow you away, just as it did to me. The final result is a functional and visually calming setup that goes perfectly with any home décor or geeky theme. This project makes technology disappear in your living space and only shows up when it’s time to get productive or go a gaming marathon.

Designer: Matthew Perks

The invisible PC setup looks minimalistic, as Matthew tactfully integrates high-end PC hardware into the frame of a desk. Barely noticeable to the unassuming eye, the OLED display, water-cooled PC and peripherals hide inside a secret hatch in the tabletop when not in use. Call it the ingenuity of the man, or level of creative patience – everything about this PC desk is done so immaculately that you’ll barely realize how difficult it actually is to make one. This is a true example of what future home computing applications could be like while harmoniously integrating with the existing interior setup.

The most difficult part of the whole DIY is to mount a 45-inch Corsair Xeneon Flex ultrawide bendable OLED display on the custom-built aluminum frame that opens and closes as smooth as butter, courtesy of the hinge mechanism pneumatic struts and tension springs. The high-performance Intel Core i9-13900K processor and Zotac GeForce RTX 4090 GPU of the PC require optimum cooling, therefore, Matthew went ahead with installing custom water blocks, but to make it even better, he then upgraded the rig with bigger heatsinks and 140mm Corsair fans.

Once everything technical got sorted, the final phase of the DIY involved aesthetics and function. For this, he added wood panels to the motorized standing desk to go with the home décor. The last little detail includes adding magnetic assists for lifting the monitor with the least effort while maintaining the sleek look of the tabletop that can take a total weight of 440 lbs without breaking a sweat.