Water and Light

The ES Pipe Waterwheel concept works as a mini turbine to harness hydropower from regular water taps and converts it to energy. However this energy is for a specific use; to power specialized bulbs. The intended area of use is a places like Africa where there is severe power shortage. On paper, the idea looks good enough to execute, however how large scale can this go, remains to be seen.

ES Pipe Waterwheel is a 2012 IDEA awards entry.

Designer: Ryan Jongwoo Choi

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8HNMXdtKtg 600 451]


  • Chris says:


    everthing is fine as long as you have water with enough pressure.
    Both things i question for developing reagions.
    And one thing that realy scares me is thinking of people letting precious water run to have light during night.

    Design is nice but realy, aren’t there other ways to generate electricity?

    Kind regards, Chris

  • bhumit says:

    hi.. where can i buy this…?

  • Dolbie1939 says:

    That is dumb. I think you should read first law of thermodynamic again. If take energy from water you have to give it somewhere before. In this case your water pump which run on electricity.

  • James says:

    Dolbie is correct – if you increase the restriction for the water leaving the tap, you will have to increase the pressure in the system.

    It’s the equivalent of putting a wind turbine on your bonnet to generate ‘free’ energy. In that case, you’d just have to burn more petrol. Same here.

    For this application, a clockwork / bike dynamo / photovoltaic device would be infinitely more reliable, and could be used without requiring a source of running high pressure water.

    Wouldn’t work and doesn’t solve a problem.

  • Louis culum says:

    Great concept.

  • The product would work if the system was already gravity fed – this just harnessing the GPE. Not exactly common but a possibility.

  • Chris says:

    This idea has been already implemented for few years in the real world.
    Takes brands such as Toto which use hydrogenerator to power the IR sensor electronic of their faucets.
    A reality check need to be done on how much energy you can generate to power enough LED to light.


  • Nom Garvey says:

    Cool! I wanna change the pipes in my toilet._:

  • seeing this product makes my day this appears to be a close relative of the lakeside hydrodynamic ideas I promote on twitter

  • Dolbie1985 says:

    oh comon ppl. I guess ideas are just some nice designed graphic now’s day. even a high school student can prove its not viable….

  • saeed says:

    how can i buy ?

  • tempmail says:

    Like anything on Yanko design is realistic. it’s simply designing without real-world physics and constraints.

  • areuadesigner? says:

    seriously? I mean Seriously? have you any knowledge about electricity turbines and waterflow? you are showing a Indian rural area with a tap and in rural areas people are struggling with water, this is not just create stupid cravings for people but will end up resulting in a massive loss of water which unfortunately is abundant and people use hand pumps to drive water from wells to reserve.

  • NoName says:

    Great design and idea, but a little naive.

  • 1206549 says:

    then reread it yourself. lots of energy is wasted in faucets and taps. this uses the energy that would normally be unused.

  • 1206549 says:

    lots of energy is wasted in faucets and taps. this uses the energy that would normally be unused.

  • saketh ankam says:

    what is ful form of es,and whr can i buy this?????

  • Mario says:

    If lots of energy is wasted in taps and faucets, it might be more rational to adjust the flow rates and pressures to avoid waste instead of using some fancy expensive designer gizmos…

  • Tarun says:

    Hey brother, we can use potential energy by flowing water from tank at some higher place.

  • melvin says:

    you should read more yourself , most city water has a power generator so if the power is lost you still have water unless you live in the sticks , witch must be your case , also they never said anything about it being your sole source of power .

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