Pininfarina Unveils Limited Edition Oksýs Chaise Longue: Merging Automotive Design with Luxury Furniture

Legendary Italian design house Pininfarina, famed for its historic decades-long collaboration with Ferrari, has unveiled its debut piece of collectible furniture – the Oksýs chaise longue. This unique creation seamlessly blends the company’s automotive design heritage with the functionality of a high-end chaise lounge. The Oksýs is a limited-edition statement piece designed to complement Pininfarina’s recent foray into branded residential projects. The chaise longue embodies the studio’s core design principles, which center on the harmonious marriage of aesthetics and technical innovation.

Designer: Pininfarina

The Oksýs is a striking visual interplay of contrasting elements. The upper section features smooth, ergonomic lines reminiscent of a Pininfarina sports car. This section is crafted for comfort and boasts a reflective finish that invites touch. In stark contrast, the lower portion resembles a rough, crystal-like rock, creating a sense of groundedness.

“Seen from above, Oksýs is smooth and reflects light with no aggressive angles,” explains Marco Becucci, the in-house architect who designed the chaise longue. “This upper part invites the user to touch it, while the lower section offers a textural counterpoint, left coarse and milled to resemble an untouched rock.”

The design and development process for the Oksýs mirrored Pininfarina’s approach to creating high-performance automobiles. The project began with sketches, followed by ergonomic testing, computer-aided modeling, and finally, the creation of physical models using CNC milling to achieve the complex form.

The prototype showcased at Milan Design Week was crafted from polyurethane and finished with a gleaming epoxy resin, creating a captivating metallic effect. Pininfarina envisions future iterations cast entirely in steel or aluminum, further solidifying the connection to its automotive roots. Only three Oksýs chaise longues will be produced, each sold exclusively through the Rossana Orlandi gallery.