The Urban Park Max Pushes The Boundaries Of Tiny Home Living, Offering An Apartment-Like Experience

Designed by TruForm Tiny, and called the Urban Park Max, this tiny home is really not very tiny. It challenges the notion of a tiny home by featuring a length of 38 feet, playfully teetering on the boundary of a tiny home and a full-sized house. The tiny home seems a bit difficult to tow, but its spaciousness does offer a living experience that is very much apartment-esque but on wheels. It is founded on a quad-axle trailer and has a sense of styling that is both contemporary and elegant – inside and out.

Designer: TruForm Tiny

The Urban Park Max features an exterior dominated by metal, with some cedar accenting. Its noticeable size makes it one of the larger North American models out there, however, it certainly isn’t one of the largest. Tri-fold glass doors lead you to the home, and they also open up to the outdoors. Generous glazing allows natural light to stream into the home, creating a lovely light-filled space. You are welcomed into an open-plan living area equipped with a L-shaped sofa. Near the sofa is a dining table, as well as a kitchen equipped with a washer/dryer, oven with a propane-powered three-burner stove, a sink, fridge/freezer, cabinetry, and some shelving.

The bathroom isn’t extravagant, but it features a vanity sink with cabinetry, a flushing toilet, and a shower. The opposite end of the home houses the master bedroom. The bedroom contains a king-sized bed and loads of storage space. Since it is located on the lower level, there is sufficient space to stand upright and move around, without banging your head to the ceiling.

The tiny home also includes a secondary bedroom intended for guests. It is located on the upper floor, and you can access it via a storage-integrated staircase. This bedroom is a conventional loft-style bedroom as seen in tiny homes, marked by a low ceiling and a double bed. There is a separate section that could work well as a home office, reading nook, or even a storage are. The Urban Park Max’s price starts at around US$187,000.