Spiral Storage Tray concept shows a minimalist way of organizing small things

The table near the door to my apartment is witness to the fact that I have a lot of stuff. Whenever I enter the house, I dump some of my stuff there for easy access to when I need to leave. But over the months, it has accumulated a lot of small things that I forget to put away or bring with me. As a hoarder and also a naturally messy and lazy person, it’s really hard to organize all these things. So I need all the help I can get, including organizing accessories and furniture.

Designer Name: Ping-Lun Chung

This concept for a Spiral Storage Tray is a pretty simple and minimalist idea but one that can be helpful to people like me eventually. The basic idea is that it is just a simple, circular tray but you get a spiral storage. This way you can compartmentalize little things like coins, keys, eyeglasses, medicine, and other small items that you may need to have easy access to when entering or leaving the house. It’s meant to be placed in the tables located in the entryways of houses or apartments.

The design isn’t that complicated. The base is a small round disk and then you have two semicircular pieces of wood placed on top to create the “compartments” to separate your small items. There is even a hidden spiral compartment if you need to place small items that you want to conceal for some reason. Knowing me though, I’ll probably forget that I placed something there which means I may get a surprise or two when I decide to clean the tray by lifting up the top pieces.

The “seamless, continuous spiral surface” that we see in the rdners actually looks pretty satisfying. The renders show different wooden textures and colors for the Spiral Storage Tray so we may get different options if it gets turned into an actual product. Who knows, because of this I might actually start organizing my table in my entryway?