Stop rinsing your razor under tap water. Two Navy Vets designed a better way that SAVES water.

Think about it, what’s more effective, gargling or a water-flosser? One just casually has water swirling in your mouth, another targets food and plaque, actually cleaning your teeth. The Razor Rinser applies the same principle to your shaving razor. Unlike running your razor under a tap to clean the hair out, the Razor Rinser fires tiny jets of water between your razor blades, pushing the hair out and cleaning your razor without wasting water. It’s simple, runs without electricity, and uses an ingenious water-saving design that lets you effectively clean hair off your razor… with just 4 ounces of water.

Designers: Anderson Camp and Matt Semple

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $45 (36% off). Hurry, only a few units left! Raised over $50,000.

Designed by two US Navy veterans, the Razor Rinser is just one of those designs that makes you go “Why didn’t anyone think of that before?” Most people who shave do one of two things – they either periodically rinse their razor under running tap water, getting their sink dirty while just superficially cleaning the razor, or they dip their razor in a cup of water, using less water in the process, but making a mess. Both methods have their flaws, the biggest being that they don’t do a good job of actually cleaning your razor efficiently.

Realizing that water wastage and dirty razors were a significant problem (after all, the average male shaves at least once every 2-3 days resulting in a lot of running tap water getting wasted), Navy vets Matt and Andy decided to develop the Razor Rinser, a device no larger than a soap tray, but with a big impact. The Razor Rinser keeps your sink mess-free, uses a fraction of the water you’d otherwise use, and does a much better job of cleaning your razor by actually forcing water through the blades to push the hair out.

The way the Razor Rinser works is exceptionally clever. Fill the Rinser’s container with water before you begin to shave. Once you need to clean your razor, simply press the razor head into the Rinser’s ‘island’. The island presses downwards, pumping water through it like a bellow. The water passes through a stainless steel spray manifold, turning into high-pressure jets that shoot through the razor’s blades. The dirty water flows outwards into the Razor Rinser’s moat, and 150-micron stainless steel filters trap the hair outside, allowing fresh water to get recycled back into the bellow island – ensuring your razor gets cleaned with clean water. The entire thing works without cords, batteries, or electricity – just good old physics.

All you effectively need is 4 ounces of water, as compared to the 1 gallon you’d otherwise waste running your razor under a tap every other minute. The water (with the hair and shaving cream) stays collected in the Rinser’s outer channel or moat, allowing you to simply dump it out (in the toilet) once you’re done. No dirty sinks, no dirty razors, and no wasted water. The rinser works with any brand or kind of cartridge razor, whether you’re using it to shave your jaw stubble, body, head, or legs.

Andy and Matt developed the Razor Rinser soon after being deployed to the Red Sea on a Guided Missile Destroyer in 2022. As a part of their uniform, Navy personnel are required to shave every day – multiply that by the 100’s of sailors on the destroyer, and the fact that there were just a handful of bathrooms. These bathrooms got very crowded and dirty very fast, and Andy and Matt also realized exactly how much water they were wasting. A year and a few prototypes later, the Razor Rinser was born. The rinser starts at a discounted $29 and ships internationally… but more importantly, Andy and Matt are also committed to donating Razor Rinsers to homeless veterans, allowing them the dignity of a clean shave without needing a bathroom sink.

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $45 (36% off). Hurry, only a few units left! Raised over $50,000.