Croissant Pendant Light from Gantri adds a delicious warmth to your space

Normally, we don’t really associate food with lamp designs since they’re not really connected. But as we always say here, you can find design inspiration in the most unexpected places. We’ve seen several food-inspired accessories like fruit-shaped candles, food-decorated clocks, accessorised bottles, and a few fruit and vegetable inspired table lamps. But a bread-inspired pendant lamp may be a rarity but it is indeed interesting how you can get inspired by a piece of bread and apply the design principles to your product.

Designer: João Teixeira

We’ve seen some cone-shaped lighting designs but the Croissant Pendant Light designed for Gantri takes it one step further by using the shape of the, you guessed it, croissant. But it’s not because they just want you to think of this savory pastry but because of the shape and the layers, the lamp is able to “cast a cozy, comforting glow” in different directions. It is created specifically for dining tables or kitchen islands but you can also use its “purposeful illumination” for other spaces in your home that may need it.

The angled shapes, sculptural layers, and lighter edges are all inspired by the croissant shape, even though we don’t really notice that when we eat the actual bread. The asymmetrical shape has two unique rings encircling the main shade, giving the lamp both a functional directed beam as well as a soft ambience in the other angles. There is an interplay of light and shadow as well because of its silhouette and the slices and curves.

The Croissant Pendant Light is available in three colors: Carbon (black), Snow (white), and Smoke (brown). There’s also an option for black or white cords so you can match it with your interiors. Because also of its unusual shape, the pendant lamp can also serve as an “art piece” of sorts for your space even when you’re not using it as a lamp. It is also pretty easy to install because of the Gantri-engineered mounting mechanism that it uses.