Scorpion-like chair is a computer cockpit made for immersive, lazy gaming

When speaking of computer chairs, you probably first think of overgrown office chairs with a tall back and plenty of padding. While that is indeed the most common design, there are some that take the idea to the extreme, creating what is better described as a cockpit rather than a chair. These often include not only a space to hide the desktop computer from view but also a way to mount not just one but multiple monitors as well. It’s an all-in-one battle station for gamers and computer users who want all their equipment in a single basket. But while that concept in itself is already unconventional, this rather peculiar design really pushes the envelope by embracing the form that immediately comes to mind when looking at these computer gaming “thrones”: a deadly metal scorpion.

Designer: Cluvens

Truth be told, we may have caught a glimpse of chairs with embedded computers and built-in monitors from sci-fi shows, but those have mostly remained the stuff of fiction and stage props until recently. There have been a few new designs surfacing lately, including from giant brands like Acer, and while some of these gaming pods or cockpits try to aim for a similarly futuristic aesthetic, the SK Scorpion puts a different twist on the idea. Instead of a piece of furniture, this over-the-top chair looks more like a sleek robotic insect designed to keep you within its grasp and keep distractions away.

The scorpion motif isn’t just for show, however. Just like the segmented “tail” of the scorpion, the chair’s back and top arch can actually move with a little flexibility, reclining the backrest down to an almost flat angle and moving the screens away for a more restful position. Instead of claws, the scorpion’s arms can swivel in and out, providing not only a place to put things but also some degree of customization for what is practically your small workspace. That said, the chair’s legs don’t inspire too much confidence and is one aspect of the design that tried to be too realistic without being practical.

As far as computer cockpits go, however, the functionality that the SK Scorpion provides isn’t exactly extraordinary. It can support up to three 29-inch monitors placed side-by-side, or more depending on your creativity, creating an immersive view that’s almost in your face. You sadly need to put a separate tray on top of the two arms for the keyboard and mouse, and other things you might need for play and even work, though there are accessories available for holding your cup and hanging your headset. There are no built-in lights as well, so you’ll have to make provisions for that on your own.

That feature list looks a bit sparse until you consider the $3,400 price tag, a mere fraction of what fully featured computer cockpits cost. The menacing scorpion design probably won’t appeal to all gamers, and its novelty will quickly wear off. At least its ability to almost like completely flat, providing gamers with a convenient though probably uncomfortable bed to take power naps, is admittedly intriguing. Then again, these designs are really meant more for hardcore gamers, those who don’t mind isolating themselves in a bubble, at least when they’re gaming.