For The Cardboard Lover

No more pretending! Everyone knows that every person has used cardboard boxes for tables, chairs, shelves, tv stands, et-cetera. Tim Brown does not deny this. He makes it O.K. for everyone to keep a full house of cardboard goodness. Each Idea* product is a cardboard construction which opens and constructs into itself, creating the shelf or chair or whatever it says it is on the box. The box is what it is!

Tim Brown, the cardboard master, has this to say about his design/ “Idea* is a self-initiated final year student project, commenting on the value of waste packaging and the perception of contents. Each box claims to contain a product, but instead can be deconstructed and reconstructed inside out to become its intended contents. After construction it forms a functional product and also a memorable reminder of how little we appreciate the bland, brown cardboard box.”

Speaking as a person who does use cardboard boxes as end-tables, I must say I wouldn’t mind this cardboard bookshelf at the end of my living room. It’d look quite nice, and I’m sure it’s extremely easy to transport as well. Also I wouldn’t mind a cardboard display shelf for my collection of [CardBoy] toys. Fresh.

Designer: Tim Brown