This Tiny $10 Titanium Pocket Knife has the most unique design we’ve ever seen

Shaped like a comma, the Tops Home Store Titanium Knife is an unusual little EDC that’s full of surprises. Measuring a mere 1.65 inches long when closed, this ridiculously compact number is affordable, durable, capable, and just so unique-looking that it’s sure to grab the top spot in your EDC collection.

Designer: Tops Home Store

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The knife’s handle is hollow and features an open filigree-style design that lets you see right through it. Crafted from titanium, this unique design choice allows the EDC to be lightweight yet grippy, as your hands interpret the cutouts as a friction texture of sorts. When closed, you can see the blade right through the handle, which makes for an interesting visual effect giving the feeling of depth. Open it out, however, and you’ve got a tiny handle with an even tinier blade… but that doesn’t mean the Tops Home Store Titanium Knife isn’t a functional behemoth.

Even for its size, the Tops Home Store Titanium Knife is deadly sharp. The blade itself is 0.83 inches in length, but sports a neat drop-point design that makes the knife perfect for crafts, unboxing, DIY work, and even cutting ropes/cords. While the handle’s made from Titanium, the blade comes crafted from 5Cr13MoV Steel, known for its resilience, ability to hold a sharp edge, and anti-corrosion properties.

However, the most incredible part of the knife is its unique ball-bearing locking mechanism and guide. Given its size and compactness, the knife’s design relies on some rather clever detailing to help the blade open and close securely. A pair of ball bearings and guides help the knife open exactly as much as it should, while even locking in its open position. A tiny cutout in the blade lets you easily open the knife with your fingernails, and closing the knife is as simple as pressing down on the blade’s spine to disengage the snap and have it fold back into the handle.

The small EDC knife comes with its own small price tag. The sub $10 tag makes the Tops Home Store Titanium Knife quite a no-brainer, along with the fact that it’s small enough to fit on your keychain. Each knife comes with its own keychain ring that lets you secure the EDC to your keys, so the knife’s on you no matter where you go!

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