Hipster Horsie

Expose young minds to creativity and it really nourishes them mentally. That’s one way in which designers are made! The Epona is a rocking horse for your little toddler that’s re-purposed from old copper cables. Many would be cautious about letting kids close to copper wire and whatnot, but hey I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I’m absolutely loving this horse’s quirky visual appeal! I’ll just have to give it a few minus points for using Rabbit fur for the saddle. *sad face*

Designer: Federal Designer House





  • Chris Weston says:

    As a vegan, the rabbit fur just makes a child’s toy insensitive and barbaric…..try again!

  • Dave says:

    Bad engineering: that toddler is about to do a painful face-plant. The ‘rocker-tubing’ needs to be less of a circle / more elliptical and extend further towards the front and rear to prevent the entire horse from tipping over.

    • Sarang Sheth says:

      I thought so too, but I assume with the child’s weight the cables would become elliptical, even slightly. I guess these guys would have done their share of R&D before launching this, right?

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