Smart Stair-Climbing Robot Vacuum with Unmatched Suction Power for Effortless, Comprehensive Multi-Floor Cleaning

Until now, I haven’t encountered a robotic vacuum cleaner capable of climbing stairs. The Migo Ascender stands out as the first of its kind in the world of robotic vacuums and mops. It’s designed to tackle flat surfaces and the challenging terrain of staircases. This capability is due to an innovative mechanical arm structure that allows it to climb stairs effortlessly, a feature unprecedented in conventional robot cleaners. At the core of the Ascender’s performance are its advanced AI algorithms, which guide the device around typical home obstacles while skillfully navigating staircases, ensuring your home is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom.

Designer: Yun Long

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If you are impressed by its ability to climb stairs of different heights up to 8.7 inches and its versatility to handle various types such as open-riser, curved, open-riser spiral, and traditional stairs, then brace yourself. That’s not all it can do. What truly impresses me is the square design complemented by motorized omnidirectional wheels, allowing it to move laterally and achieve impeccable edge cleaning. At its base, the device is equipped with a pioneering pivotable brushing system – a first of its kind – which allows the brush to pivot 90 degrees during side-to-side movements. This feature is particularly effective for sweeping up larger debris, such as dog hair, food crumbs, or just plain old dirt that your kids drag in from outside.

With a suction power of 9,700 Pascals (Pa), the Ascender far exceeds the standard range for robotic vacuum cleaners, typically between 500 to 2000 Pa. Few can match this power, even among high-end models boasting greater suction capabilities. The market’s highest suction powers are usually around 2,500 to 5,000 Pa, seen only in the most advanced and premium models. Thus, with its 9,700 Pa suction, the Ascender surpasses conventional standards and sets a new benchmark for robotic vacuum suction power. This promises exceptional cleaning performance, particularly for demanding tasks like deep carpet cleaning and picking up heavier debris.

Whether your home has wooden, carpet, laminated wood, or marble floors, the Ascender is designed to identify and thoroughly clean them. It applies 17N of downward pressure, three times that of a typical vacuum and mopping robot cleaner. It also features a high-speed 4-zone scrubbing system operating 3000 times per minute and an automatic mop lifting feature that raises the mop by 0.79 inches (20 mm) when encountering carpets.

My home spans 4,100 square feet. While the vacuum cleaner might not reach every area, it should be able to clean the entire house in one go. This is largely thanks to its 12000mAh battery. The Ascender’s claim that it can sweep, mop, and climb a grade slope of up to 5,380 square feet (500 square meters) on a single charge is impressive!

Every home has furniture like couches and coffee tables, which can make cleaning underneath them a challenge, whether done manually or with a robotic cleaner. However, the Ascender’s slim and sleek design, at just 3.86 inches in height, allows it to clean under furniture and reach areas that are usually hard to access. This provides a straightforward solution for keeping your home spotless at all levels.

Great ideas always need a bit of intelligence to make them work, especially when it’s about turning a robotic vacuum into something that can ‘see’ and ‘think.’ In my view, the Ascender is a robotic maid navigating through the house. It’s got a sophisticated camera, a super-smart LiDAR for mapping out rooms, and six clever sensors that help it understand every little bit of your space. But the real magic? That’s in its intelligent AI that can zip through tons of calculations in no time, making it more than just a vacuum.

The Ascender app, compatible with Android and iOS devices, simplifies your cleaning routine with the Ascender vacuum. It provides a hassle-free experience by giving you complete control over the device. With the app, you can set restricted areas, schedule cleanups, and even direct the vacuum to specific spots using a virtual joystick. Its 3D mapping feature vividly displays Ascender’s real-time navigation through your home, blending convenience with interactive smart living. Moreover, Ascender is compatible with smart home ecosystems like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing for easy voice commands. The app’s offline functionality ensures that you can command your vacuum even without an internet connection, offering flexibility and the potential to save over $100 on electricity over three years when set to charge only during off-peak hours.

Lastly, the fully enclosed docking and charging station design is desirable as it keeps the vacuum cleaner out of sight. However, this could be a significant safety feature for families with small children. The enclosure is expected to reduce the noise of dust emptying by 10 dB. Furthermore, the dust bag can hold up to 60 days’ worth of cleaning, and its 3.5-liter water tank can last for up to 30 days of mopping. The Ascender’s features, including swapping dirty water for clean water, automatic dust emptying, and hot-air drying, harmoniously coexist.

Click Here to Buy Now: $849 $1499 ($650 off). Hurry, only 61/1400 left! Raised over $2,200,000.