Electric inversion table concept makes back therapy more comfortable (and pretty)

If you’ve never seen an inversion table before, you might be shocked when you walk into a room and you see someone lying upside down on this table. It brings some Silence of the Lambs vibes with Hannibal Lecter strapped into a bed, only this table is upside down. But it’s actually a thing that people with back problems do alongside other therapies to treat their back problems without having to resort to surgery. But most of the ones in the market don’t look very comfortable and may even be difficult to operate on your own.

Designer: Eui Ju Lee

This concept for an electric inversion table for Lime, a company that manufactures healthcare equipment, aims to solve those issues. Aside from looking clunky, most of these tables look like they belong in a hospital or a public gym and not your living room. The designer did use exercise equipment as basis for how such a table can fit in your environment but the renders show a much more homey looking device that can rotate in 180 angles to help your back issues.

They also tried to solve some issues that users had with operating inversion tables on their own. The handle is normally attached to the motor but is a bit hard to reach when you’re lying on the table. But with this concept, they put it in a place where it’s easy to reach and turn the inversion table to whatever angle is comfortable and useful for you. And since you’ll be lying on it for a few minutes, it should be pretty comfortable. The backrest is wide enough to make you feel stable and the soft square plate shape is the core visual as shown in the renders.

Compared to existing inversion tables, this one will look at home in your living room and your bedroom as it can blend with the other pieces of furniture. The pastel colors and the shapes of the various parts in the renders also adds to the comfort level of the user. In theory, it should work so the next challenge will be to see if this design, as well as the principles like ankle fixation and rotation can be applied.