Human-powered Healing

Exercise can cause tension and soreness in the leg muscles. Energy Storage Heating Knee Pad stores induction-generated energy during exercise, and releases heat energy to comfort aches and relieve fatigue afterward. See how it works —>

This concept makes use of functional textiles such as electro-thermal isolation yarn as well as the principle of electromagnetic induction. A coil and magnets are placed inside the kneepad to form a small electricity generator. The energy storage device can store induction-generated energy during exercise, and release heat energy to comfort aches and relieve fatigue afterward. The device heats up electro-thermal yarn, which can relax leg muscles after exercise.

A blue light indicates that energy-storage mode is on. A red light indicates heat-release mode. A switch on the kneepad activates the release of electrical energy to relieve muscle soreness after exercising. The most suitable temperature for this hot compress is 50 degrees Celsius or lower. A rechargeable lithium battery saves the energy generated by the coil for heating at a later time.

The materials used to create the kneepad include electro-thermal yarn (which heats up to relieve muscle discomfort when the power is on) and ‘Far Infrared Therapeutic’ fabric. Heat from the latter penetrates the subcutaneous tissues to depths of 4–10cm to promote circulation. A silicone-coated cover on the kneepad protects the central part of the knee with anatomical matching to reduce injuries. Velcro straps allow for easy adjustments.

Designer: Prof. Aqua Chuan-Yu Chen, Chou Yi-Jin