3Dsimo’s creator-pens are helping people make their own personal protective equipment

The power of creating your own products and tools seems even more relevant, in a time of general scarcity. 3Dsimo’s taken it upon themselves to show users how to use their MultiPro pen’s variety of tools to craft their own PPE using basic materials.

The MultiPro is a versatile $109 pen with the ability to cut, engrave, drill, etch, solder, and even 3D print using a variety of interchangeable heads that snap right onto the pen’s body. The pen, along with a bit of skill and 3Dsimo’s tutorials, enables you to repurpose everyday household items into quality wearable masks, and face-shields.

The nose and mouth mask just requires a piece of cotton cloth that you can cut accurately with the pen’s cutting head. Switch to the 3D printing head to add dabs of plastic that help seal parts of the mask together creating a finished product that you can tie right around your face to filter out any particulate matter as you breathe. The face shield requires a fair bit of expertise, but 3Dsimo’s ever-expanding channel of YouTube tutorials and downloadable templates are more than sufficient to guide any novice through the process of building the shields from scratch. The 3D printing module allows you to sketch out your ideas in plastic, building the frame for your face shield which you can mount the transparent sheet onto. The drilling tool lets you perforate the rim of the transparent sheet, allowing you to snap it onto its plastic frame.

The MultiPro’s true talent isn’t quite the fact that it can cut, engrave, drill, etch, solder, or 3D print; it’s the pen’s ability to let you create anything you want or need. The pen’s interchangeable head system and handheld ability puts a veritable workshop in the palm of your hand, making the act and art of designing affordable, and something that can happen at home… both which seem pretty congruous with the fact that we’re all under lockdown for a while now. The guys at 3Dsimo are even running an Easter sale with free shipping to help get their multi-capable creative-tools out there to an eager community of makers and creators – who are ready to collectively fight this pandemic with their ability to now make their own PPE at home! With every order get 60 ml of disinfection gel and 1x Face Mask.

Designer: Petr Duba

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Use the 3Dsimo MultiPro to create your own medical mask, respirator or face shield, that can help you or your loved one survive these trying times.

How to Make the Face Mask

– Download template/tutorial Face Mask.
– To create the medical mask, you will need a piece of cotton, ruler and 3Dsimo MultiPro.
– Measure the cotton cloth and cut to size using the MultiPro.
– By using the burning tip, you are able to cut the cloth easily, without fraying it.
– Then, fold the face side several times into finger-wide strips, while gluing them together with filament.

How to Make the Face Shield

– Download template/tutorial Face Shield.
– Use the handy tutorial to create the main part, which will hold the shield on your head, and smooth the surface using the burning attachment.
– The smoothing process not only makes your creation look better, but also helps strengthen the part.
– Then, get a PET soda bottle or laminating sheets (you can find in office supplies).
– Cut them to size using the burning attachment and create small holes to attach the shield to the headband. – Attach those two parts together with some filament and voila, you have successfully created your own face shield.

How to Make the Functional Respirator

Make a functional respirator with a replaceable filter. All created with 3Dsimo MultiPro.

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $129 (16% off). Hurry, Easter sales end today!