These Edible Gummy Dungeons and Dragons Characters raised over $300,000 on Kickstarter

They say you shouldn’t play with your food… but that’s precisely what the Gummyquest was designed for. These mouthwateringly mythical treats were designed to make your game nights fulfilling as well as filling! Meet Gummyquest, an all-encompassing kit of more than 150 characters straight out of a fantasy roleplaying tabletop game. You’ve got dragons, goblins, heroes, dice, potions, everything needed for a rewarding game… but the best part? All the characters are edible! Made out of a chewy gummy gel (like your gummy bears or worms), every character or element in the Gummyquest is edible, with each individual piece having its own distinct flavor. Play your turn, kill a character, use a potion, and destroy the evidence by eating it. It’s a fun new twist on your favorite game with 25 different flavors to keep every single round uniquely tongue-tinglingly fun!

Designer: Jay

Click Here to Buy Now: $42 $60 (30%) off. Hurry! Limited availability! Raised over $310,000.

Stories make everything fun, especially food. Whether it’s your parents turning a spoon of veggies into a plane that flies into your mouth, or whether it’s a Michelin-star restaurant weaving stories through their intricate dishes, where there’s a story, there’s a memorable experience. That’s sort of what the Gummyquest series builds on, with its set of 151 characters and items (with more being added to the collection every day) that make for a perfect tabletop gaming day with friends, colleagues, or family.

The collection encompasses practically every element of a roleplaying game like DND – you’ve got heroes and villains, orcs, goblins, dragons, knights, wizards, paladins, and even Dune-style sandworms. Along with players are potions and polyhedral dice to make the game even more interesting. All these elements encompass 25 rather mouth-watering flavors, from specific berries and fruits to more vaguely tropical flavor profiles, to even marshmallow-flavored items. “Some of our favorite fantasy flavors include Orcish Creamsicle, Paladin Piña Colada, Owlberry, and Death”, says creator Jay. Each box is packed with 151 gummies including 76 monsters, 15 heroes, 25 potions, and 35 dice.

The edible set is truly a work of art. Each single gummy was designed and sculpted by a meticulous team of people who fill shelves in every game store in America with miniatures from Dungeons & Dragons, Reaper Bones, and Warp Miniatures. The gummies were designed as a part of a broader story and theme, and were crafted to perfection, with details that would make you want to never eat a boring gummy bear or worm ever again.

Tragically, the set only lasts one or two, or maybe three games. Once the gummies run out, you’ll either have to revert back to playing with non-edible characters, or buy another set. Luckily, the Gummyquest box sets are on discount, priced at $42 for a set of 151 pieces. As the crowdfunding campaign gains speed (they’ve raised over $300k), the kit will include even more characters and items like gryphons, slime monsters, warrior princesses, and even a Kraken! Grab your Gummyquest while you can… I’m pretty sure they don’t expire, but don’t quote me.

Click Here to Buy Now: $42 $60 (30%) off. Hurry! Limited availability! Raised over $310,000.