Retractable ceiling-mounted laundry rack saves space and functions as a lamp

Space is a very expensive commodity these days, especially for people living in cramped apartments in cities. Every square inch counts, especially on the floor where most things are placed unless they stick to walls or hang from the ceiling. Because of how most furniture, appliances, and tools are designed, you can quickly lose precious floor space even for things that you don’t have to use daily. A laundry rack, for example, should really only be there when you have clothes to dry, so it makes little sense for them to take up space on other days. That’s the principle behind this rather unique retractable clothes rack that descends from the ceiling when you need it and serves as a ceiling lamp on the days that you don’t.

Designer: GoodLiving

Furniture designs are becoming smarter when it comes to space-saving tricks, which include modular parts, foldable sections, and the like. Most of these, however, are still placed on floors and are unable to utilize the free space of walls and ceilings. Singaporean company GoodLiving is trying to change that for at least one kind of household product, the rack where we hang clothes to dry even indoors.

These racks are installed on ceilings and are automatically deployed using scissor mechanisms at the press of a remote control button. This means that the collapsed form of the rack pretty much hides itself and gets out of the way when not needed. To make sure that even the space it occupies isn’t wasted when not in use, the base of the rack serves as LED lighting for the room.

These peculiar hanging machines, however, do more than just hang your clothes to dry. They’re equipped with fans and heaters that blow hot air to dry clothes even faster. It also has repellents for dust mites and bacteria, as well as ionizers that prevent the buildup of odor and keep the fabric soft to the touch. It’s definitely more than what you could get with a traditional dryer, and you don’t even have to sacrifice space to place such a large box in your house.



Granted, your room probably won’t look that presentable with clothes hanging from the ceiling, but that’s something no one else has to see. For single-person apartments or small houses, the practical benefits of having such a space-saving laundry rack far outweigh the temporary unappealing visual of hanging clothes. Then again, you would have probably hanged them on an equally visible regular rack as well, so might as well just bear with the sight for just a day than to always see that rack every day, even when there are no clothes hanging from it.