Water filtering pitcher concept wants you to slow down while pouring a drink

When you’re thirsty or you need to drink water, you just go to your ref, bring out the pitcher, or open a water bottle and just drink. You don’t really think about things like slowing down, mindfulness, staying healthy, or resting. You just need to quench your thirst or count the glasses of water that you drink. But actually if you think about it, drinking water can definitely be connected to all of that and can be your chance to take a break from your normal routine and take a few, deep breaths while drinking.

Designers: Krishna Pranav Vaddiparthi & Ria Shah

Osoi is a concept for a water filtering pitcher for Japanese tableware and lifestyle brand Kinto. The name of the product is the Japanese word for “slow” and its goal, aside from getting you to drink clean, filtered water, is to slow down while nourishing your body. The brand is the perfect inspiration as they are an advocate of using their products to “connect to life” or just taking a break from your work or studies even as you do something mundane.

The design of the pitcher itself uses several elements that represent what it means to slow down on a functional and aesthetic level. The pastel peach gradient represents joy but is also part of the water filtering process. Meanwhile, the spout, representing the water flow, lets you pour the water ever so slowly so you’re forced to slow down and have a sense of calm. The wooden handle is supposed to “celebrate the finer details” while the few wooden parts of the pitcher gives you a more tactile experience.

The Osoi pitcher render shows three different color hues: Blissful Blue, Gray Gardens, and Patient Peach. It’s a pretty interesting ideology to put on a mere pitcher but we all need to stop and smell the roses, or at least drink the water, every once in a while.