IKEA pet accessories collection is the minimalist vibe for fur babies

The past years we’ve seen the growth of “fur parents” so this means there’s also a significant spike in products that will appeal to this market. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to accessories for dogs, cats, and all other pets that may need different kinds of habitats, toys, etc. But when a big name brand puts a lot of effort into research and product development for our fur babies, then they immediately catch our attention.

Designer: IKEA

Swedish brand IKEA is getting into the pet world craze with their UTSÅDD collection that is meant to bring joy not just to the cats and dogs but to their “parents” as well. The brand came up with this 29-piece collection by consulting with veterinarians and pet product specialists and also testing it out on those who will actually be using the products, the cats and dogs themselves.

This means that the products are not just well-designed but also are dishwasher-safe, water-repellant, machine-washable, durable, and of course safe and gentle for the pets. The collection has some items for playtime like the soft toys for dogs and the play tunnel for cats but also has functional ones like pet bowls, beds, and houses. The habitats in particular, like the dog bed and the cat house can both be fun and useful.

The collection will be available globally starting this April. And like with a lot of IKEA products, there is a wide range when it comes to affordability with items ranging between USD $2-70. Also as with most items with the Swedish brand, expect a clean and minimalist vibe.