Repurposed Bricks find a new home with this round bench at historic London wharf

Benches are something that you normally don’t notice except when you need somewhere to sit on. And even then, you don’t really choose something based on its looks. As long as you can sit on it and it’s a bit comfortable, then it has served its purpose. But there are also times when you notice well-designed ones that seem to fit in well with its surroundings even though you don’t really need somewhere to sit on.

Designer: Akasaki Vanhuyse

FLOAT is a bench that you may not immediately notice that it’s actually a bench but it is. It blends in well with the maritime atmosphere at the historic Royal Albert Wharf in London. It actually looks like it’s just a piece of decoration placed in the docks but you can sit on it like you would lie on a lifesaver floating on the water. Well, except this one will not actually float you off somewhere despite its name.

The bench has a rounded geometry but with a brick-like design. It’s actually made from traditional handmade clay bricks that are stacked on top of each other. The design is reminiscent of the brick buildings found on docks with the curved shape of the bench inspired by the wharf edge. The idea for this bench is that people should be interested in approaching it and eventually sitting or reclining on it while enjoying the view from the wharf.

I’m not sure how comfortable the Float bench will be given that it’s made from bricks and its rounded shape. I guess it also depends how your butt fits into the hole or if you actually won’t fall into it. But it’s an interesting piece of furniture to be part of a historic wharf. Hopefully people will sit on it and not throw things into the hole (as some will be tempted to do so).