This ‘PC in a briefcase’ reimagines the LG convertible laptop as an optical illusion

Portable computing demands convenience! This objective has allowed an entire PC to be stuffed into our pockets already. Yet, there is no comparison to the suitability and convenience of a laptop. LG ensured laptops remain the most versatile device for all creative needs with the birth of LG Gram ultra-lightweight laptops. Now, designers believe there is a scope to transform LG’s innovation into an optical illusion.

Of course, the major inspiration for the idea of the Illusion screen is the LG Gram laptop. For me, however, it is reminiscent of a transistor from the era gone by courtesy of its carrying handle and a nice metallic sheen. The Illusion screen laptop is a concept design created by KDM+ through LG Electronics’ industry-academic cooperation project.

Designers: JiHoon Park, Sherry Ahn, Dahyeon Kim and Korea Design Membership

A laptop has reformed the way we work today, essentially merging the previously separated digital experience of desktops. As laptops are the daily drivers of the workforce, the Illusion screen provides a reimagined design that allows the display to disappear into the clamshell design. Taking up a little space on the desk, the Illusion laptop presents configurations and styling options to complement our lifestyle and working requirements.

Chances are the transistor reference would resonate with you too. It appears similar with a unibody design – wrapping up an illusionary display on the front and leather cushioning on the back – extending to the carrying handle on top and a nice tuner-style knob on the right. The highlight is the illusion graphics on the screen that continuously play as moving water droplets or color patterns at different screen angles.

With its interesting modular screen, which can be used at any angle from 0 to 90 degrees and in between, the Illusion laptop is usable in any position the user desires. With that versatility, it opens up a range of use cases on your desk to be used independently (with a magnetic Bluetooth keyboard that resides within in clamshell mode) or with an external screen to enhance your creativity.

Since the LG Illusion screen emphasizes portability and convenience, it comes in this handbag-like form with its handle so you can carry it around like a briefcase without additional casing or luggage. The knob on the side is basically for adjusting the screen angle so you can consume different content at different display orientations. On the bottom of the leather cushioned back panel is the speaker grill of the Illusion laptop while on the top are vents for air. The laptop with the captivating optical display has various connectivity ports on the sides, but there is no word on the specifications one will get in this LG Illusion screen.