The LincPlus Drawing Tablet S1 with a 13″ 2K screen and a Wacom Stylus is perfect for digital creators

Under most normal circumstances, I wouldn’t be talking smack about the iPad Pro like this… but the LincStudio S1 Tablet offers some distinct advantages over its Apple-based counterpart. It’s bigger, has a 2K touchscreen with multitouch input, also comes with a highly precise Wacom stylus, runs Windows on a 4-core Intel i7 processor, and lets you use a whole slew of desktop-based software and apps to create content. That means you can carry your existing PC workflow onto the LincStudio S1, use AI-based programs with your workflow, and even rely on the 12 customizable shortcut keys on either side to cruise through work. When all’s said and done, 65W charging comes in exceptionally handy, letting you quickly juice your tablet for another round of design iterations… because creativity never takes a holiday, right?

Designers: Xiaohui Li and Bernhard Geisen

Click Here to Buy Now: $895 $1,279 (30% off). Hurry, only a few left!

Can’t use my favorite drawing software on iPad? Try LincStudio!

The perfect hybrid between a tablet and a laptop, the LincStudio S1 was designed keeping artists, 3D modelers, animators, designers, architects, or anyone in the creative profession in mind. Slim enough to fit into most laptop bags and weighing a paltry 1.1 kilograms, the LincStudio S1 comes with its own kickstand that lets you prop it up, giving you the freedom to use it in a variety of angles based on the kind of work you’re doing. A companion Wacom Shinonome stylus gives you precise control over your workflow, whether you’re sketching, reviewing detailed blueprints, or just taking notes, but if you do want to switch to a more traditional laptop-inspired typing experience, a keyboard connector at the bottom lets you snap on any keyboard, turning the LincStudio S1 into a makeshift laptop.

Wacom EMR Shinonome Series Pen

The problem with current tablets is that they get one crucial thing wrong – the operating system. A tablet isn’t supposed to be an enlarged phone, so the fact that it runs a version of a smartphone OS like Android or iPadOS just doesn’t make any sense. Where the LincStudio S1 differs is in recognizing this and giving creators the familiar Windows OS but in the avatar of a touchscreen tablet. The LincStudio S1’s 13-inch screen is perfect for sketching, editing, modeling, post-production, or any creative workflow, with support for multitouch that lets you interact with the Windows interface in a new way.

However, a tablet is only as good as the stylus it comes with, and the LincStudio S1 packs Wacom’s cutting-edge Shinonome EMR stylus. The stylus runs on electromagnetic resonance technology instead of capacitive technology, which gives it a winning combination of precision, responsiveness, and resolution over most standard styluses. Designed to be just as precise as Apple’s own Pencil, the Wacom Shinonome has 10-millisecond instant input (without parallax), comes with 4096 pressure levels, 450PPS resolution, and even has tilt support, making it a game-changer in illustration or sculpting apps.

Meanwhile, the tablet sports dedicated shortcut buttons on its sides, allowing you to assign macros/functions to them that are specific to each program. Sort of like a Wacom tablet, you can use these shortcuts to perform certain tasks, toggle between brushes (in Photoshop), and play with parameters like brush size, opacity, screen brightness, volume, etc. The shortcuts are laid out on both the left and right side, allowing for ambidextrous use along with the stylus.

The LincStudio S1 itself comes with a sizeable 13-inch display boasting a resolution of 2160×1440, a 100% sRGB gamut, 16.7 million colors, and a wide 178° viewing angle. It’s powered by an 11th-gen Intel i7 processor, has 16GB RAM and 512GB storage, and comes running Windows 11 Pro right out of the box. In keeping with the ambidextrous design, the tablet has dual speakers, along with thunderbolt USB-C ports on both the left and right side. There’s also a USB-A port on one side for plugging in wireless peripherals or flash storage, and a 3.5mm jack for good measure, letting you connect speakers or headphones to your S1.

The tablet starts at a heavily discounted $895, which includes the Wacom stylus along with a Windows 11 Pro subscription (and is also significantly larger than most other tablets). In contrast, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 9 has similar specs, but with a whopping $1700 price tag (and the Surface Slip Pen sold separately). Apple’s no different, with a sizeable $1200 price tag for the 256GB 12.9-inch model, but an extra $79 for the pencil, $299 for the Magic Keyboard, and the inability to run desktop programs. The iPad Pro also famously lacks a kickstand, which the LincStudio S1 proudly includes in its design, and while the iPad Pro maxes out at 20W of charging, the LincStudio offers 65W charging capabilities, letting you juice your battery much faster than the competition. Perfect for creatives looking to get more hands-on with their workflows, the LincStudio offers the best of both laptop and tablet worlds.

Click Here to Buy Now: $895 $1,279 (30% off). Hurry, only a few left!