The Duex Max adds an extra screen to your laptop for boosted WFH productivity

The fact that dual-screen laptops (as necessary as they are in our multi-tasking workflows and WFH setups) still aren’t a norm bodes incredibly well for the folks at Mobile Pixels. The company has, since 2017, been crafting some of the most widely revered secondary screens for laptops, and they’ve definitely made a niche for themselves in the past 5-odd years. The first iteration of the DUEX laptop monitor shipped to more than 10,000 backers in 2018, and the DUEX Lite and DUEX Plus, which debuted last year, shipped to another 8000+ backers. The MIT Sandbox-incubated company is now back with the DUEX Max, a larger laptop monitor with a 14.1-inch 1080p display, higher brightness of 300 nits, and even smaller bezels, for an immersive second-screen experience.

Designers: Stephen Ng, Jack Yao, Peter Lee & Zikang Feng of Mobile Pixels

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While the core idea behind the DUEX display remains the same, the DUEX Max presents the latest and the best design, with a smaller form factor, larger screen, better build, and more features – sort of like how smartphones and laptops upgrade every year. The new DUEX Max sports a 14.1-inch display that runs off a hybrid signal, making it compatible with most laptops.

The screen sits within a smaller chassis made from machined aluminum for a high strength-to-weight ratio, and slides out in two stages, a feature that allows the body to be a tad bit more compact (so that your DUEX Max fits on even the smallest, slimmest laptops. The outer chassis/cover uses powerful magnets that are thinner too, making the entire contraption sit virtually flat against your laptop… because that’s perhaps the DUEX’s most revolutionary idea – not to simply have an extra screen for your laptop, but to have one that’s perpetually attached to your laptop which you can swivel out whenever you want.

Designed as a successor to last year’s DUEX Plus, the 2022 DUEX Max comes with a large 14.1-inch screen that now matches up to the display units seen on most laptops. It sports a resolution of 1080p or FHD, a brightness of 300 nits, and even has an ‘Eyecare Mode’ that minimizes blue light. Designed to mount onto practically any laptop, the DUEX Max can be oriented either to the left or the right of your device, and has an auto-rotate feature that allows it to intuitively adjust its orientation based on how the screen’s placed.

Like its predecessors, it can be used either as an extension of your current screen for added productivity, or can be oriented to face outwards to someone sitting in front of you in what Mobile Pixels calls ‘Presentation Mode’. The screen both slides and swivels for near-infinite adjustability, and comes with not one, but two USB-C ports, so you don’t sacrifice a port on your laptop when you plug the DUEX Max in.

That being said, the folks at Mobile Pixels realized that simply confining the DUEX to your laptop would restrict its true potential. To that very end, the DUEX Max comes with support for Android phones and USB-C tablets too and even hooks up to your Nintendo Switch for large-screen gaming. The Max has an optional kickstand accessory that also lets you use it in portrait mode, so that auto-rotate feature really comes in handy.

With 4 color options to choose from, the DUEX Max is available on Kickstarter for a 40% discounted price of $209. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in April 2022, and you can even snag additional accessories like USB multi-port hubs, wireless foldable keyboards, privacy screen guards, and AI face-tracking webcams along with your DUEX Max.

Click Here to Buy Now: $209 $349 (40% off). Hurry, Flash Sale ends in less than 48 hours! Raised over $550,000.