The Bird-Shaped Lishui Airport Is Set To Open At The End Of This Year In China

MAD Architects is known for their innovative creations and mind-boggling structures. They never play safe and create designs that are boring and limited, and their latest construction the upcoming Lishui Airport will be finished in the forested area of China Zhejiang Province. The airport resembles a massive white bird that is about to embark on flight!

Designer: MAD Architects

The Lishui Aiport will be completed at the end of 2024, and currently, there is still a lot of work to be done, before it looks anywhere close to these renders. MAD said that Lishui is a ‘forest city’ in the southwest Zhejiang Province, and it is known for its stunning greenery and valleys. “Its first airport is positioned as a domestic regional airport with an anticipated annual passenger throughput of one million, located in the hilly terrain 15 kilometers [9.3 miles] southwest of the city.” MAD’s press release stated. The planning, design, and the entire process were curated to respect the original site, while also focusing on accessibility, an attempt to inspire tourism and highlight the beautiful characteristics of the mountain airport.

The structure will have a height of almost 79 feet, and it will occupy 130,000 square feet. The interior of the airport will feature an attractive curving wood finish and a massive central skylight. This will be paired with large windows, to maximize the natural light inside. The entire layout will be arranged to ensure easy travel, with the departure facilities located on the ground floor, to offer easy access, while the waiting areas will be located upstairs.

“Covering 2,267 hectares [roughly 5,600 acres] of land with a maximum fill height difference of nearly 100 meters [almost 330 ft], the airport adopts a large silver-white overhanging roof resembling a white-feathered bird ready to soar. The bird-like form absorbs the elevation changes and merges the airport into the mountains, making the airport a spiritual landmark in the region,” said MAD Architects. The airport will be able to accommodate almost 5 million passengers per year by 2030, with an additional international terminal being considered as an expansion too.