This Special Limited-Edition Pocket Watch is centenary recreation of the first Citizen pocket watch

Citizen, as the name suggests, is one watchmaker who has perfected the art of making timepieces people “love and use for a long time.” This journey started somewhat with the first product, a pocket watch titled Citizen, from where the company perhaps acquired its name. One hundred years have passed since 1924, when this pocket watch was made; now to commemorate the feat, the Japanese watch manufacturer has recreated its first pocket watch.

The 100th anniversary edition of the first Citizen pocket watch dubbed the Special Limited-Edition Pocket Watch could scale back the time for these tactile timepieces that were once a staple but lost popularity as wristwatches took over as the timepiece of choice. Staying true to the original in more ways than one, the recreated, modern timepiece makes subtle changes on the dial.

Designer: Citizen

Given that the new pocket watch revisits the era gone by, it also tabs on some modern-day horology nuances to make this special edition model a prominent bridge between the past and present. To that accord, the Special Limited-Edition Pocket Watch features a 43.5mm titanium case with sapphire glass on the front and back. The watch measures 13.4mm at the thickest point and to remain true to the original counterpart, has Arabic numerals, blue hands, and the small seconds at 6 o’clock as in the OG.

It’s essentially the white electroformed dial that spurs the change. Finished with clear coating and polishing, the dial has a unique pattern that Citizen notes is an “evocation of the build-up of snow during a snowfall that suggests the accumulation of time gone by.”

The timekeeping on the new Special Limited-Edition Pocket Watch is ensured by a hand-wound movement with a free-sprung balance wheel adding a touch of modernity. The movement provides a 55-hour power reserve and a noted accuracy of -3/+5 seconds/day. An ideal 21st-century pocket watch, Citizen centenary recreation is paired with an indigo charcoal colored silk braided cord that matches the hands on the dial. The watch strictly limited to 100 examples will retail with limited-edition number engraving and inspection certificate for $9,000 apiece.