Wireless charger concepts imagine a world free from power cables

Although wireless charging has been around for years, it was only until Apple finally joined the fray that the technology really became popular. Of course, it was Apple’s MagSafe spin on wireless charging that really caught on, but it still sparked interest in a future where wires and cables are a thing of the past. We’re still a long way from that future considering how wireless charging works today, but that’s not to say that there is no progress to improve the situation. These wireless charging product designs, for example, are based on such ongoing development and prepare us for a world where desks can be completely devoid of cables, especially those for charging your multitude of devices.

Designer: Sprout Studios

As convenient as wireless charging might be, especially magnetic wireless charging, the requirement to have the device and the charger touching is still quite restricting. Not only that, you still have to make sure that the charging coils are aligned properly, which is what made it necessary for Apple to implement MagSafe in this way. But what if you could get rid of that restriction? Then every surface or anything on your desk can become a wireless charger.

That’s exactly what these designs are proposing, based on technology being developed by startup DeepCharge. Even a laptop mat, for example, can become a wireless charger that can accommodate phones, earbuds, and other devices as well. This Laptop Pad also has extra features like an antimicrobial frantic top and LED lighting to indicate charging status. You don’t have to ensure that devices are in the right area. Simply place them on the mat and watch the LED indicator light up. Another design involves a charging pad that also acts as a landing pad for drones, though that requires attaching some feet to the quadcopter.

A more ambitious design, however, is based on “transmutation” and “energy hopping” technologies that are still being developed. In a nutshell, it could turn any surface, like a desk or a shelf, into a wireless charging area. Then you have small wireless charging stations that can transfer power from a central hub and distribute it even in areas out of reach of your desk. Pretty much like how mesh routers work today, except spreading electrical power instead of data.

Although the concepts in this collection still look like your conventional technical products, the technology it relies on opens the door to even more flexible designs. Anything on your desk or shelf, be it an accessory or even a piece of decoration, can become one of those satellite charging hubs. With wireless computer peripherals and data connections, such a design could lead to cleaner and tidier workspaces, unless of course, you start cluttering your table with even more devices to charge.