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He-Man or not, pedaling up a steep slope can knock the wind out the healthiest of us all. That’s why we need hybrid bikes like the Wind-Solar Energy Bike. Bikes like this harness wind energy, solar energy, shock energy and muscle power, only to be used at those tough climbs or when you turn lazy! The spoiler of this bike is covered with solar panels and is fixed below the handles of the bike to produce lifting force for lightening the weight of the bike.

There are 4 areas that assist in harnessing the energy to stock it up in the rechargeable battery. They are: the adjustable solar energy plane, the Spoiler, the Two front forks and the front and back wheels.

Innovative Features

The adjustable solar energy plane:

The adjustable solar energy plane is put below the main pipe of the bike; it can absorb solar energy at ordinary times, while riding in a long way, solar energy plane can be pull to expand to absorb more solar energy directly.


Spoiler is a combination of Solar-cell Coating and Wind-power electricity generator; it is affixed below the handle of the bike. The Spoiler can produce the electric energy through wind-force and solar energy; through under the function of the air current. This makes the Spoiler to produce the driving up force and lighten weight of the bike. The front of the spoiler has a headlight, it can be removed to function as a flashlight.

Two front forks:

There is a coil and magnet set up at the two front forks, the gravity of rider will cause shaking force, which make the magnetic field to cut the coil, so that it will generate electric energy.

Front and back wheel:

A motor and electricity coils setting is designed at the Front and back wheel. It can produce electric energy while rotating at ordinary times. When the Winsolar is climbing a slope and the biker too tired to pedal, he can switch over to the automatic motor, to make the ascend.

Designer: Chen Chun Tung

Wind-Solar Energy Bike by Chen Chun Tung






  • Gunnar Tveiten says:

    Putting a wind-turbine on a bike doesn’t work, sure it generates energy, but it does so by increasing the aerodynamic resistance of the bike, i.e. that energy comes from *your* feet, something which you don’t want.

  • cody says:

    that would be vary usfull

  • cody says:

    u dont now that for sure ^

  • Ads says:

    Solar panel, great!
    Electrical coils on wheels when (regeneratively) braking, great! Classic solution which isn’t used enough in cycles, only in cars it seems.
    Nice styling, great!

    Shaking force does generate electricity, but not in a way that is usable by a motor or a battery. A recharging battery requires specific continuous current and voltage.

    Wind turbine on all the time = Rider pedals harder. Not great.
    Coils on all the time = Rider pedals harder. Not great.
    Coils/wind turbine on all the time powering the motor all the time = machine of perpetual motion. Not great.

  • Marcel says:

    Give the man a jacket with solar pannels on his back

  • Pittbf says:

    Nice concept but how converting solar energy to the batteries? seems like it miss some thing?

  • Mauricio Fernandez says:

    The solar panels design is interesting. But it would be more efficient to use the energy from the pedals or the wheels with a dynamo to recharge a battery. You could even recharge your phone and other small gadgets with this. This way there would be less equipment occupying the bicycle frame. The back solar panel design would be better for a rack.

  • raymond says:

    man thats a cool bike

  • Berkana says:

    Conventional monocrystaline solar panels achieve a conversion efficiency of about 18% in direct sunlight; there’s no way such small panels could give any sort of significant power to a bike, and storing the energy in batteries would only further cut down on the power, since there are conversion losses both during storage and retrieval. Also, the batteries would add additional weight, making it even harder to go up-hill.

    • Bichy says:

      How about we design a bicycle generator that we can place it at home and run it to cracking up computers?

  • raymond says:

    man, i like your idea mate

  • Tiffany says:

    Thank you for posting this article. I’ve been searching such hybrid bicycle online and even check… if such product exist in the market last Sea Otter Classics 2009. I am supporting this idea. When I had summer internship with Hastily Formed Networks, I jokingly suggested to my co-intern to attach a battery (store power from pedaling)and use the electricity when I go up hill or get tired.

    Now, I am interested to make a prototype hybrid bicycle as my capstone project.

    I’m a Computer Science student and would like to learn the electrical connections and hopefully make a monitoring system – that will inform the status of the storage.

    Please help me Mr. Chen Chun Tung how can I make use of existing electrical components to make my bicycle a prototype hybrid. =)

  • Tino says:

    As someone said wind turbines are no good in this case, but I would have them controlled by sensors that activate them only when bike go downhill or when bike is not moving (assuming that some wind blows).
    Thats the way make them works

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