Futuristic-looking chair concept immerses you in a world of sound

People are now becoming more aware of how poor-quality audio can ruin an otherwise impressive movie or game, but we can only do so much when we’re trying to experience these activities at home. Headphones and earbuds try to use smart algorithms to recreate the effects of 360-degree surround sound, but that’s only an approximation at best. You can also deck your TV room with the latest in Hi-Fi audio equipment but also lose some privacy in the process. There’s almost no middle ground, at least if you think of conventional solutions. This odd spherical chair is one such unconventional solution that tries to offer the best of both worlds to plunge you into your own personal listening space.

Designer: Swift Creatives Studio

The problem with ordinary home speakers and earbuds is that they often just blast sound in a single direction, either from our front or our sides. The way we naturally hear, however, is to take in all the audio waves around us, Which is why surround sound systems put multiple speakers around the room to emulate that effect, but at the expense of everyone within hearing range knowing what you’re doing. It would be nice if you could just sit inside a bubble and have the 360-degree listening experience without sacrificing your privacy, which is exactly what the XEO POD is promising.

Looking like a hollow polygonal sphere with its front chopped off, the pod-like chair actually hides as many as 20 speaker cones underneath the textile surface that lines the interior of the futuristic-looking furniture. It’s like having a mini surround sound system, one that’s confined to your immediate personal space to prevent sound from leaking out and bothering others. There’s a retractable overhead camera that can track your head’s movement and adjust the delivery of the sound instantly, giving the illusion of being in the middle of the scene whichever way you look.

The XEO POD isn’t just made for listening, though; it’s also made to make that activity as comfortable as it can be. Despite the hard, spaceship-like exterior, the upholstered interior offers comfort and style, regardless of the way you sit. A few extras also take the experience to whole new levels, like a swivel arm mount for a 42-inch TV and a side table with a built-in cup holder and wireless charging.

As a chair, the XEO POD isn’t limited to just one position either. You can sit upright while playing games or recline comfortably when watching a film. The pod will support you and make you forget about your surroundings, fully immersing you in the audiovisual experience in front of your very eyes and ears.