Gramophone lamp adds a retro and minimalist lighting aesthetic to your space

Vinyl players and vinyls in general used to be such a hipster thing to have or it was just for serious musicphiles. But now, more and more people are actually getting them for their homes whether as something to actually play or even just as part of a certain aesthetic they’re going for. In fact, it’s not just exclusive for playing music but these gramophones are used as decorations and materials for other accessories.

Designer: Artyom Alimpjvev

The Gramophone Lamp is one such home decoration that uses vinyls as material for this lighting accessory, going for a retro and minimalist aesthetic. The curved base actually looks like the stand for an Apple monitor and it supports a single aluminum stand that slopes at the back and then with the vinyl as the main light source. The trackpad-like surface is where the controls are found, whether to switch the ambient lighting on and off or to increase or reduce the brightness.

The polycarbonate diffuser disk is the “star” of the show as it magnifies the lighting with its almost translucent quality. The lamp has a 4000 mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery so you can use it up to 24 hours (at maximum brightness) even when it’s not plugged in. The light temperature is set at 3500K in a warm white color.

The designer says that this is not meant to be a desk lamp but is really more for atmospheric and aesthetic purposes. The entire thing is actually handcrafted with the singular aluminum stand and there are only 100 units created so if you’re thinking of getting one, you should already place your order on Alimpjev’s website before they all run out and if you have around $170.