What if the White Board and Sticky Note had a baby? Meet the Future of Creative Productivity

Back in 2020, the way we worked radically changed. No, I’m not talking about the shift to Working From Home (WFH) during the pandemic, I’m talking about the birth of the Mover Erase, a rather inventive little piece of stationery that took the best parts of a magnet, a whiteboard, and a Sticky Note and combined them all into one single universally appealing solution. The Mover Erase was just genius – it was portable, reusable, magnetic, and came in clusters that helped you move notes around instead of one large static surface. Moreover, it saved paper by replacing thousands of sticky notes that would eventually end up in the trash. Nearly 4 years later, the folks at Bravestorming are making the Mover Erase better than ever, with standardized sizes that let you mount sticky notes onto your individual MEU (Mover Erase Uni-size) plate, for people who prefer the texture of paper. The entire kit also comes with its own mounting accessories, along with an app that digitizes your hand-written notes, giving them a place to live forever even if you wipe them clean to reuse!

Designer: Bravestorming

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Whiteboards are great because you can capture ideas, wipe them down, and start afresh. Sticky notes are great because you can put them anywhere, and arrange them to create brainstorming maps with repositionable boxes. So why not combine the two into a novel, clever solution? The Mover Erase Uni-size cleverly merges them into a singular product that really lends well to your creative process. The MEU’s whiteboard-like glossy silicon surface is great to write on with whiteboard markers, while the magnetic design lets you snap your notes easily onto surfaces for future reference. A patented release technique lets you dislodge notes too, quite like pulling a sticky note off a wall. The MEUs are color-coded, perfect for organizing your notes based on category or urgency, come in two standard sizes that match popular Sticky Note formats, and unlike paper which tends to curl up and become frail after days, stays looking as good as new forever.

6 Forms of MoveNote + Trifold

The beauty lies in the ability to use a cluster of MEUs together, brainstorming, organizing, reshuffling, and effectively mapping out ideas simply by moving individual MEUs around. Then, once you’re done with your sprint session, you can either keep the MEUs where they are, dislodge them to assign activities/roles to different teammates, or better still, take a photo through 3M’s Post-It app to digitize your notes effectively before wiping an MEU clean. Cleverly enough, the new MEUs are perfectly sized to fit your standard Post-It notes too, so just in case you love the texture of paper, you can stick your notes right on the MEU and use them… although what’s great about the new MEUs is the fact that the silicon surface on which you write can actually be removed from its plastic housing and stuck onto surfaces (given that silicon has an almost friction-like gripping tendency). However, there’s an understated beauty to the magnetic clear casing that the MEU has been perfecting since 2020.

Speaking of things being perfected since 2020, the Mover Erase Uni-Size comes with two new accessories in the form of an A3-compatible Movenote magnetic folder that gives your MEU notes and your paper documents a single place to coexist, and a shapeshifting Trifold that gives your notes a dynamic stand to display themselves on. The Movenote is a folio case that holds documents (A4/A3), acts as a daily planner (letting you stick your MEUs on the built-in charts), and even transforms into a tiny table! Its A3/A4 size compatibility means it holds tablets too, giving you a singular place for all your stationery and productivity tools. However, if you need something a little more compact just for your MEUs, that’s where you’ve got the Trifold.

The Trifold is a clever accessory that features three panels with dedicated charts on them for using alongside your MEUs. The magnetic surface lets you easily attach MEUs to the Trifold’s charts, but wait, they also fold into a prism shape, sitting on your desk either horizontally or vertically, allowing you to view and access your MEU notes on command. Open the Trifold flat, and it’s just the right size to fit into the Movenote folder, giving you a holistic kit that radically transforms how you think, take notes, and work.

The makers behind the Mover Erase began their journey by simply designing magnetic memo bricks that you could attach sticky notes to… but in doing so, they realized there was a lot more to the product. “Compared to the traditional sticky note thinking process, our Mover (Magnetic Memo Brick) significantly helped ADHD adults, Montessori educators, and many entrepreneurs in their thinking processes,” mentioned the creators at Bravestorming. Over the years, different iterations helped them build products that served different needs for different users. The magnetic memo brick still remains core to the product’s UX, but it now comes with a removable, washable, paper-like textured silicone writing surface… but more importantly, it’s standardized in size, still allowing people to mount Sticky Notes from popular brands like 3M onto it, just like the first generation.

Following 3 successful Kickstarter campaigns with over 15,000 happy customers, the folks at Bravestorming are finally turning a good idea into a great ecosystem. Four years later, the Mover Erase ‘universe’ is more functional and well-rounded than ever, allowing you to ideate, brainstorm, collaborate, and organize your work-life more efficiently and creatively. The Mover Erase Uni-size Starter Pack starts at a mere $33, consisting of just blank MEUs, but for $44 you can upgrade to color-coded MEUs, and for a little extra, you can add the Movenote and Trifold to your kit.

Click Here to Buy Now: $44 $65 (33% off). Hurry, only 9/165 left!