This 360° utilitarian swivel chair folds down in a small bag for any outdoor adventure

Ask for folding outdoor chairs and you’ll find countless options. But what’s the point of a small unstable chair that defies the purpose it was chosen for? That’s where the Talon 360-degree swivel chair comes in for all practical purposes at home and on adventures.

This versatile chair is comfortable and sturdy while being portable enough to be carried easily courtesy of its size smaller than a sleeping bag. The red cherry on top is its spacious character for any kind of user.

Designer: Talon

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Extra Large & Foldable Comfortable Premium Swivel Chair

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Simply pull the frame to to install the chair

It’s very easy to set up this foldable chair in under 30 seconds, since you pull the frame to spread out the neatly integrated components. When you’re done, the set-off is also easy. The 360-degree rotating frame gives you the freedom to move or reach for things at arm’s length without getting up, which is a very clever feature, especially for campers.

Optimized for Outdoor Activities

All this convenience is backed by the durable aluminum die-cast parts that ensure the chair functions as good as new even after thousands of rotations. The ball bearings in the rotating module ensure noiseless rotation, making it ideal for wildlife photographers and hunters. The use of nylon material and mesh for the backrest make this an all-season accessory that ensures maximum breathability for comfort. Body ergonomics while sitting are also kept in mind while designing the frame, so you won’t feel any discomfort even after hours of use.

The bigger the chair, the more comfortable it is.

On top of all this, the swivel chair has side organizers for utilitarian versatility. There are pockets on each side to store things like beverages, smartphones, magazines, or anything else that fits. Talon is offering the Swivel Chair in Standard 17 inches (for 270lbs maximum load) and Long 18 inches (for maximum 330lbs load) variants for users of varying weights and heights. Considering it barely takes any space inside the boot of your car, makes it a must-have accessory for any outdoor activity.

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting at $99 $124 (20% off).

Versatility of Side Organizers

Highly-functional Materials

Longer frame, Wider Seat