Ergonomic and stylish chair can relieve some pressure from your knees

When looking for a chair that I’ll use for work (a.k.a the chair I’ll be sitting in for around 6 hours), the number one consideration is if it’s comfortable enough. How it’s designed is not so much of a factor when choosing the chair since what’s important is I can work properly while sitting on it. As I get older however, ergonomics is also a factor in choosing a chair especially since hours are spent in that piece of furniture. But what if it looks like an art piece more than a chair?

Designer: Serena Papait

That was my first impression when I saw the Moon Chair design. Like, how in heavens am I going to be comfortable sitting on that? Sure, it looks like an interesting piece of design but it does look like it belongs more in a museum than at my workspace. But the chair is actually created to be functional, ergonomic, and have a pretty unique design, inspired by the idea of infinity.

The chair is shaped to be an infinity symbol and the part where your legs are placed is able to relieve the pressure point on your knees. That is, if you want to place your knees there since you also have the option to just sit on it like a regular chair. You can also rock it so you are in an active sitting position in case you need to be non-static. It is made from polypropylene with neoprene inserts at the contact points. It also has a CATAS EN 1728 certification.

The Moon Chair is available in white, beige, shadow gray, and olive green colors but you can also customize the fabric in case you have a different color preference. I’m still not sure if it’s a chair I’d like at my desk, given that I also have back issues. But I could probably sit on it for a couple of hours if I need some kind of movement while I’m working.