REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN Charger looks straight out of a cyberpunk game

If there was a design style that fits the gamer aesthetic almost perfectly, it would probably be cyberpunk. Bright RGB lighting, geometric patterns, and panel-like decals give a somewhat futuristic tech vibe to many gaming products, be they devices or even just accessories. That’s true not just for PCs and consoles but, lately, also for smartphones. Gaming smartphones have been trying to grab the attention of mobile gamers with their sometimes over-the-top designs. That, however, mostly applies to the phone itself but rarely to the accessories you use with it. As one of the big mobile gaming brands, REDMAGIC is trying to fill in that gap with a charger that doesn’t just look hi-tech but also promises advanced features as well.

Designer: REDMAGIC (nubia)

Phone chargers are often minimalist yet uninspiring blocks of plastic that get the job done and nothing more. Thanks to advancements in charging technologies, specifically GaN or Gallium Nitride, it has been possible to shrink charger sizes or, more importantly, implement less conventional designs and features. This charger, for example, still comes in a traditional rectangular shape, but its visual and technical features are almost out of this world.

For one, it has those RGB lighting effects that gamers just love, shining in different hues in the dark. This goes perfectly with the transparent design of the charger’s metal chassis, making the REDMAGIC DAO look almost like a miniature desktop PC. Its fanciest feature, however, is the LCD screen that is used to display details like current or charging status as well as dynamic wallpapers to truly bring out a sci-fi feel.

That’s not to say the charger is just all looks, at least not on paper. Its 150W output can charge many devices, including laptops, sometimes even simultaneously. It even has a rare DC out port that can be used for devices or laptops that use connectors other than USB. GaN technology promises that all that power won’t turn the charger into a fire hazard, at least with proper use and care.

As eye-catching as the REDMAGIC DAO 150W GaN charger may look, it also raises concerns about reliability, especially with so many extraneous features. The charger will still continue to work even if the RGB lights or screen doesn’t, but it also means paying for features you may end up never using. Still, the accessory is a nice break from the usual black and white affair that chargers seem to be locked into, and hopefully, other brands will start getting similar ideas in the near future.