A Headphone Stand To Bring In a Tale From Nature To Your Desk

In the realm of design, every product tells a story, weaving together elements of inspiration and functionality. The KIWI Headphone Stand is no exception, offering a unique blend of creativity and purpose that transcends the ordinary. As we delve into the backstory of this captivating creation, we find ourselves drawn into a narrative where nature, aspirations, and practicality converge.

Designers: Jeongjun Kim and Jinhyoung Choi

At the heart of the KIWI Headphone Stand’s conception lies the tale of a Kiwi bird with a desire for change. This peculiar bird, known for its short legs, yearned for the elegance and grace that came with longer limbs. Every day, it dreamt of standing tall alongside other magnificent birds, its imagination soaring with the possibilities of elongated legs.

One fateful day, the Kiwi bird awoke to a startling realization—its wish had come true. To its astonishment, the once stubby legs were now elongated, granting the bird a newfound stature. However, as reality often proves, ideals and wishes can have unintended consequences.

The Kiwi bird, now burdened with the challenges of its elongated legs, found itself in difficulty. The very feature it had longed for had become a hindrance. In a quest to revert to its original form, the Kiwi bird pondered creative solutions, leading to a unique association with everyday objects.

Taking inspiration from the Kiwi’s plight, the designer of the KIWI Headphone Stand ingeniously incorporated elements from various birds, including the Kiwi and the duck. The elongation of certain parts of these birds served as the foundation for a headphone stand that seamlessly merged functionality with aesthetic appeal.

To maintain a harmonious blend with nature, the designer opted for wood as the primary material for the KIWI Headphone Stand. This choice not only adds warmth and elegance to the product but also pays homage to the organic inspiration derived from the Kiwi bird and other avian counterparts.

In a stroke of brilliance, the designer introduced two similar design iterations, allowing the KIWI Headphone Stand to cradle not just one but possibly two headphones at a time or maybe use that as a hook for something else. This thoughtful addition enhances the product’s appeal, making it a practical and visually striking accessory for any workspace.

The KIWI Headphone Stand is more than just a functional accessory for your desk; it’s a testament to the symbiotic relationship between design and nature. By intertwining the story of the Kiwi bird with the practical needs of headphone storage, this product is a conversation piece that resonates with those who appreciate the artistry behind everyday objects.